How to make autumn walks with kids more fun

Autumn walks with kids

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Autumn is a great time to get out and about, enjoying the crisp air and stunning colours. It’s not yet so cold that you lose the feeling in your extremities but it’s bracing enough to make you feel alive. Of course, not all family members will agree that a walk is a great idea. Your children might prefer something a bit more X-boxy, but it’s worth persuading them. And here are our tips to make autumn walks with kids more fun.

Make autumn walks fun

Put some marketing spin on it

Just saying “let’s go for a walk” is a little dull. It doesn’t sell it very well. To a child, that sounds kind of pointless. So, spin it like a pro and day something like “let’s go on an adventure to the woods” or “should we try and find some exciting wildlife?” These could pique the interest of your children and it gives them a reason to want to leave the house.

Dress them accordingly

Autumn walks are no fun if you don’t dress your children for the occasion. Yes, it’s not winter yet, but the air can bite, so put them in layers and take more layers with you just in case. Wellies, gloves and hats can also help to prevent the walk becoming a whingefest.

Take snacks

Nothing brings down the fun factor than a hungry, or even hangry, child. Stock up on snacks to keep them happy and even use as a bribe to get them across the next field, round the next corner or wherever.


Autumn walks with kids


Start collections

One of the exciting bits of autumn is that there are loads of things for kids to pick up off the floor and collect. Conkers are the top collection item, of course. But you can also liven up your walk by looking out for exciting leaves to take home, pine cones or other natural goodies. In the minds of both you and your child, you will take them home and create beautiful, arty, autumnal craft goodness. In reality, the things you pick up will sit in your kitchen rotting. But at least it keeps them entertained.

Create a story

Autumn is a season of real change and you can create some fun and fascinating stories about the things you see around you as you go on your autumn walks. Take inspiration from the trees and other foliage and imagine what the animals are up to as they prepare to bed down for the winter. You could work on inventing the story together with your children and even get them to write it down or illustrate it when they get home.

Warm up in style afterwards

One of the best bit of autumn walks with kids is the opportunity to warm up in cosy style afterwards. Once you’ve put those miles in, you all deserve a monster hot chocolate with mountains of marshmallows and cream to help recover. Head to your nearest cafe, pub or your kitchen if you have the ingredients in.

This is also another excellent bribe to get the kids round the walk!


What are your top tips for autumn walks? Leave it in the Comments below! 

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