Average Age For Blokes To Lose Their Virginity!

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Throughout a bloke’s life, there are many important events, from losing your virginity, when you get married, to when you retire. 

These important milestones have been compiled by the men’s mental health platform Manual which has revealed which countries prove to be the most sexually liberal, in comparison to some more conservative ones.

35 countries took part in the report and coming out in the top spot with an average age of 15.6 is Iceland, closely followed by Denmark at 16.1 and Sweden at 16.2 and Norway at 16.5.

In the UK,  we are one year above the global average with blokes losing their virginity at 18.3 but the oldest average is in Malaysia with 23.

Dr Earim Chaudry notes: “Our research shows that the age men lose their virginity can differ around the world. In places with what could be thought of as a more liberal view on sex, including many European countries, we can see that the average age is lower.

“While we can see differences in countries, it is important to remember that men from all over the world should only have sex when they feel ready.”

Some other interesting statistics that this study brought up was the number of sexual partners most blokes will have around the world.


Turkey comes out on top with 14.5 sexual partners, while the UK is a bit higher than the global average being at 9.8.

For a full list of virginity, marriage, retirement and death statistics, have a look at the table below!

How old where you when you lost your virginity?  Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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