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Axiom #5

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The Dad Network axioms are ‘dad-hood’ proverbs. They pinpoint key principles of dad-hood and refine them down to unforgettable soundbites of wisdom that can be called upon instantly to inform a critical decision. And, as we all know, being a dad is full of critical decisions! 

Pushchair Procrastination

You will spend weeks, months even, selecting the right pushchair – and yet, it won’t be the right pushchair when you actually get around to using it. It will look shiny, nice, new and sit proudly in your spare room until the moment it’s christened for the maiden voyage. You’ll take it out, fold it up with the ‘easy to use’ system, lift it up as if it were made from fibre glass and pop it into the boot. It’ll be a dream!

But be warned, don’t get fooled and be prepared… you’ll come home from work and your ear will be severely bent. 

It’s heavy, it veers to one side, it wouldn’t fold down, the boot wouldn’t close, the car seat adapters were faulty and the whole day was ruined because of the pushchair YOU chose.  Take a deep breath and suggest a lesson in how to use it but suggest it for tomorrow. Just remember these 2 words: operator error. 

About Al Ferguson

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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