Axiom #6

Don't miss a thing

The Dad Network axioms are ‘dad-hood’ proverbs. They pinpoint key principles of dad-hood and refine them down to unforgettable soundbites of wisdom that can be called upon instantly to inform a critical decision. And, as we all know, being a dad is full of critical decisions! 

Does Time Actually Go Quicker?

Terry Pratchet was an author who wrote series of books about a place called Discworld. Now, having never read anything he has written or knowing anything about him, I am totally unqualified to say what I am about to say. But… my brother, who has read his books and does know something about him told me once, that Terry had a unique theory about time. He said that when you feel like time is going slowly or quickly, it’s because time is actually going slower or quicker. 

We’ve all been there whether it was in our maths lessons at school, a sermon, running a long race, family get togethers or whatever and we have felt as though time is dragging his feet. Everything is going slowly and it’s like it’ll never end. We’ve also all been there when you’re at a party or on a date or watching your favourite TV program and time shoots past in a flash. 

We found that having a newborn time either went remarkably quickly or stupidly slowly. One morning I got out a cereal bowl to have some frosted wheats (a delicious UK cereal), popped it on the side and went to change a nappy. I came back 3 hours later having no idea where that 3 hours had gone and a little miffed and hungry. And yet, when it’s 9:30am and the boy is due a feed at 10am, that half hour seems like days on end! 

Be prepared to not know what time of day or night it is and also, don’t be surprised at how you got to that time! Maybe the time did actually slow down or speed up… 

Don't miss a thing

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