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Baby Art

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And here you have it: a genuine, one of a kind, masterpiece. In a few years to come, this will be worth millions and you saw it here first! 
We were discussing the position the baby might be in as a result of all the ‘spinning baby’ exercises we’ve been doing and this was my conclusion. 
You might be pleased to hear that she did know I was drawing on her, rather than do it whilst she was sleeping. Although, that could have been fun. 
It is intriguing and a good game to try and work out which way round the baby is lying. If you have a pregnant partner, try it out. This could be a new game. Let me know if you try it. I think you can kind of feel the head pretty easily because it feels like a ball inside a balloon. The feet are obviously boney, small and move a lot. 
All dads should give this a go but I found also, that it is incredibly unnerving to know how hard to push. One doesn’t want to push too hard, but you need to push a little in order to get a good feel. The midwives seem to push really hard! 

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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