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Baby Bjorn Bouncer – Product Review

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 14/09/2014

“Daddy dressed me with 1 sock…”

I don’t know much about Swedish people. I’d like to know more about them though. You see, what I do know is all good. Healthy, sensible, Ikea, no late night shopping, relaxed, outdoorsy, low infant mortality, low binge drinkers, low teenage pregnancies and just generally low everything…even their football teams rankings. ;) 

I think that this seemingly wonderful country is the reason why Baby Bjorn, a swedish company, is so perfect. 

We’ve had the privilege of testing out and reviewing their baby bouncer. Not having a baby bouncer, we had nothing to compare it too but when we opened the box, set it up and popped the boy in it, we looked at each other as if to say, “why the hell haven’t we got one of these before now?”

Firstly, it comes ready made, so I left it for the wife to do on her own…and she did! The bouncer is sufficient enough to feel sturdy, which is really important when you are placing your bundle of preciousness into it. Despite the sturdiness, it’s a manageable weight to move around the house. And that’s the beauty of this. It’s moveable. A friend of ours said that the one bit of parenting advice he’d found brilliantly useful was to have somewhere you can put the baby down in every room. This bouncer ticks that box: baby in one hand, bouncer in the other…wherever you go. 

On top of this, we love 2 things about this bouncer: 

#1 It is a chair for a baby. Long gone are the days of needing to lay the baby down on a play mat or cushion all the time. He can now sit up and take in the view. This is also really great to help with the cranium resetting itself and avoiding the flattish heads that babies often develop from lying down on one side too much. Not only this but they start to take more in from their surroundings. They are more able to follow sounds and movement with their eyes. 

#2 For those moments when mum is swapping from one boob to the other or trying to do something whilst feeding, it’s great to pop the baby in momentarily. Being in a more upright position really helps with getting any wind up. 

In our minds, a baby bouncer is an essential baby item from the vast array of paraphernalia that brands try to sell you. In our opinion, it’s worth investing in a good one and this really is a good one. Looks good, easy to use, light weight, strong, reputable, durable and above everything… it has a good bounce. So good in fact, it sends the boy off to sleep perfectly. 

The Baby Bjorn bouncer receives an official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 stars and our award of recommendation. Thinking of getting a bouncer..? This one is a no brainer! 



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1 Comment

  1. Kids Nook

    The BabyBjorn bouncer is definitely worth the money because it is a really high quality product. But because of that I suggest you freely buy a second-hand bouncer. My BabyBjorn Bouncer is over 10 years old and has “serviced :)” over 5 kids and still looks amazing and other than a slight tear due to improper handling doesn’t have a single problem.

    Also and possibly even more importantly… not every kid loves it. My first born refused to be put into it while my second child loves it. She can spend nearly 2 hours per day in it (not at once ofcourse :D). So please, try it out first… or slowly and gradually make your kid like it.


    it is not intended for sleeping so I hope you don’t leave your kids in it for too long :P

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