Baby Bjorn We Carrier Review

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Which baby carrier is your favourite? Why? Does it support your back well? Is it easy to use? Can you use it when you’re on your own? Is it good for the baby? Will it last a long time?

These are all questions that you need to think about when carrying your baby!

There is very little that we like more than baby carriers here at The Dad Network. We think that they are an essential piece of kit for any family, but especially any dad. Carrying your baby can really help with bonding, which is so important, especially if you’re at work all day and your partner is breastfeeding. So when Baby Bjorn asked us to review their brand new BABYBJÖRN We Carrier, we jumped at the chance. We also took the opportunity to attempt our very first video review… let us know what you thought about it!


What’s your favourite baby carrier and why? There are so many on the market nowadays, all with pros and cons! Which one is your preferred choice? (We love the baby bjorn we carrier… it’s certainly a front runner!)

If you are looking at baby carriers right now, we’ve reviewed our fair share. Click here to see them.


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  1. Brian Scott

    Nice review, Al! I’ve never worn a baby carrier, my wife wore one of those that wraps around you and swaddles the baby to you. She seemed to like it, said it made her feel close to the baby.

    • Al Ferguson

      Cheers! I love wearing ours :)

  2. Mathew Lajoie

    I loved carrying my son around in the Baby Bjorn. I had him in it all the time. Great review. I support your recommendation. The product made life as a busy dad easier and that was the most substantial benefit for me.

    • Al Ferguson

      Cheers buddy, thanks for the support.

  3. Mike Smith

    Great Job. I have an older Bjorn that I used to use a lot. My only complaint was I couldn’t wear my baby on my back, it was only designed for front wearing. Looks like the new We Carrier addresses that.
    We also have an Ergo baby carrier and a Beco. The Beco is probably my favorite.

  4. Gillian

    What a great review! I have no children yet but have a phobia of trying to wrestle a pram on to a train or a bus and my family live in the next city.

    I’m certainly going to be looking for a carrier when the time comes to avoid such situations!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you for the compliment. Yeah a carrier is great for that.

  5. Hayley (@hayleyfromhome)

    Great review, so good to see it in a video so you can get an idea of that it is like on! You know that everyone loves a babywearing Daddy :) My husband usually has ours in the Ergo as our old Bjorn doesn’t go on the back but this one would be great and it looks a little more comfortable for the baby too! #triedtested

  6. Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

    I have never used a baby carrier with any of my children but have been thinking of getting a one as i have two children so close in age and would make life so much easier when getting out and about #TriedTested

    • Al Ferguson

      Could not recommend it enough. Really worth thinking about :)

  7. Amy

    Brilliant review and love the vid. I’m with Hayley on this one-everyone loves seeing a Daddy with a carrier on :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. OH, maybe i should make a daddy and baby calendar!!! :)

  8. ghostwritermummy

    Fab review :) I have a few depending on where we are and how we’re feeling! Generally for newborn I love my moby wrap and I find that the best solution for round the house and for long walks. I always have a sling pouch (rockin baby sling/ babasling) in my bag incase I need to pluck her out of the pram quickly. And I have an emeibaby carrier ready for when she’s a little bigger. I LOVE babywearing! x x

    • Al Ferguson

      I can tell! Thanks for your comment and recommendations. My wife has a favourite too. Think like you say, each carrier suits a different person, baby and situation :)

  9. Colette B

    I do love to see a Daddy getting in on the baby wearing :)
    Lovely to have you linking up with #TriedTested this week x

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you and thank you :)

  10. The DADventurer (Dave)

    Good review. We’ve got one of these at the moment, so it was interesting to hear your thoughts. I really like it – very simple to put on and looks good, but it does pull on my back a bit more than the Stokke MyCarrier which we’ve had since Baby L was born. As an aside, your voice is different to how I imagined it and hold the camera in landscape mode, not portrait, next time haha :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks for the tip, ill pass it on to the wife :)

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