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Baby checklist

Baby checklist, blogger image 14814639811%, uncategorised%

So, walking through kiddicare yesterday I saw a young couple pushing an empty trolley around. The women was frantically moving from aisle to aisle, muttering under her breathe, moving from product to product. The man was drowning from peering into the depths of a double sided sheet of paper with a tiny printed check list on it. An ever growing, endless list of items “necessary” for a baby. Similar to the one I’ve pictured…

Now, I might get corrected here, but surely all of these things are not necessary items. I mean surely a baby does not need an auto mirror and 6 towels, with hoods! Are we over doing it a bit? The dad in kiddicare looked so overwhelmed by the list in his hands that I think he was close to tears! And then on top of that, the list says, ‘changing mat, and in the changing mat aisle there’s 47 different types of mat ranging from fluffy with head speakers playing soothing music to wipe clean plain white. The list just says ‘changing mat.’ Here’s a dads list of what is really necessary: 
# arsenal baby grow
# 1 towel
# off road buggy
That’s all they need right? Is this why dads have a bad rep? 

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