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So, it’s around ths time during the pregnancy when the babies ears have formed. 18 weeks. From here on in. The baby can hear your voice! Obviously it will hear mummy’s voice all the time, feel the vibrations from her voice box running through her body all day long. But your voice (dads voice) is harder to come by.

Research says that the more dads can speak to their children during pregnancy the better relationship they will have. You want your baby to be born being able to put a face to the voice! That’s my plan anyway. I want my baby to know who I am because they recogise my voice. 
At the best of times, I quite like the sound of my own voice, but now I have even more of an excuse to talk nonsense. I don’t care if I’m sharing the weather, the football scores, the news or even a a blow by blow account of the Oscar Pistorious trial… I want my baby to know my voice. I’ll be singing, reciting poetry and reading stories like nothing else. 
I’ve just had a little go at it…I spoke to him and then placed my ear on the tummy only to receive a short, sharp kick! Amazing to feel! Perhaps a secret message? “Hear you loud and clear dad.” “Shut up dad, I’m trying to get some shut eye!” I’m leaning towards the former, but would be equally happy with the latter. He is a boy after all! (#Probably)
Anyway, any expectant dads out there… Start talking to your bumps! Build your relationship now. 

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