Baby Milestones: Boys Night

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Baby milestones are important, fun and flow in abundance once you have a baby. Most parents even keep a book of those baby milestones; the dates, times, locations and even what the baby was wearing at the time. I’m not quite that obsessive about it, but I do like to keep some sort of record. We did in fact use some ‘baby milestone cards’ that you prop up against your baby and take a snap. (This involves less writing, so suited me down to the ground!)

# 1 week old

# 1 month old

# First smile

# Rolling over

# Holding their head up

# First giggle

# First word

# First time crawling

# First time walking

# First Arsenal game

# First day at school

# Learning to ride a bike

To name but a few! But tonight, for us, is one of the most important baby milestones. It’s also one of the most neglected and forgotten about milestones. Arguably, it’s a rare one for many but I want to celebrate it tonight…

# Mums first night out with the girls (and wine)

That’s right, tonight is the first night out my wife has had in nearly a year. And by night out, I mean proper night out with the girlies and able to enjoy a glass of wine or 10! Now, I know what you’re thinking, why am I celebrating this? But to be honest, I’ve been longing for this for a very long time. Not because I can have the TV control to myself and watch Match of the Day in peace, but because I genuinely feel happy to know that she is enjoying herself with her girlfriends.

It marks the point at which we/she is beginning to get her life back a little. It is the first point at which she can think about herself as number 1 for a few hours. She deserves it after all!

This day is so momentous in my book, that I actually went out to find her some kind of outfit to wear. I want her to feel a million dollars on her first night out. So, I ventured into French Connection, who had a convenient 20% sale this weekend…winner, and proceeded to mull round looking like Joey Essex on Question Time. Fortunately a sales assistant came to my rescue and helped me find something suitable, elegant, sexy and matching for her to wear. And you’ll never guess what, I even got the sizes spot on!

photo 3

She’s just left the house and I’ll tell you, she looks unbelievable! Absolutely stunning! Absolutely gorgeously beautiful! (I did well and am congratulating myself with a beer!)

I’ve hunted through the pack of baby millstone cards for one that says, ‘first night out with the girls’ and there doesn’t seem to be one; but don’t worry… I’ve made my own. #creative

photo 2


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  1. martyn

    Wow that is a mile stone and you should relish it. There are so many but for a dad to be in charge is a good one. Well done on choosing an outfit as well! Multiple dad/husband points gained, well done!
    So beer and talking sports and women for you tonight then?

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