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Baby showers for men

Well, I’ve just returned from a wonderful birthday surprise. A lovely massage, 2 nights away in a hotel suite, dinner out, some cycling apparel, new boots and time with my beautiful wife. What a lovely birthday. Thank you darling.

Whilst we were away, we were chatting about baby showers. For those who don’t know, this is what Wikipedia says a baby shower is:
Baby showers for men, blogger image 2039769621 300x225%, uncategorised%
Granted, it is Wikipedia, but it seems that baby showers are only for the mum. Why? Is there some reason for this? I’d quite like a party with gifts, cake and finger foods! Perhaps baby showers should involve both mum and dad. Just seems like another example of how dads aren’t noticed. If anyone wants to throw me a baby shower, you’re most welcome. :) 

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