Babywearing for Beginners – A guide to the different kinds of wearing

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What is babywearing and isn’t there only one kind of doing it?

Babywearing is simply a practice that means that you carry your baby round in a sling or a carrier.

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It is basically a means of transport for you baby with some additional benefits (such as helping with the bonding process) thrown in.
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There are lots of different ways that you can wear your baby and despite the practice being called ‘babywearing‘ none of them involve wrapping your baby round your person like a scarf (which is what it sounds like to me. Just me? Ok then).

There are three main things that you need to take into consideration when you are choosing a baby carrier – whether you want your baby to be facing inwards or outwards, whether you will be using your carrier for a newborn and how hot you think you will be getting (i.e do you live in a hot country or are you particularly active?).

Here I will talk you through the various ways you can wear your baby because it isn’t a one size fits all process.

The Classic Baby Carrier

This has a padded structure which you clip onto you using buckles. Your baby can either face inwards or (when your baby is older or has more neck strength) outwards. With this design and it is fairly straightforward (after a bit of practice) to put baby in on your own and your baby will feel nice and secure. This can restrict older babies who may want slightly more freedom of movement.
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Ring Sling

The ring sling uses rings as it’s fastenings and baby is placed in a diagonal position across the body. You can adjust the sling using the rings to make it tighter and baby is normally worn facing inwards on the hip although baby can also be worn across the stomach and older babies can be worn facing outwards.


This is not the easiest sling for beginners as it is essentially a long piece of material that you have to wrap around your baby and your body. Stretchy fabric wraps are the easiest style for beginners and the biggest benefit of this type of babywearing is that you can wear your baby in many different positions simply by wrapping the fabric in different ways, also once you have got the hang of it the wrap can be an incredibly comfortable way of carrying your baby.

The Backpack Carrier

This carrier does what it says on the tin – it enables you to carry your baby on your back and is for children who have good neck control and are older (and able to sit unassisted). This is a great solution for taking older children or toddlers on hikes or long walks as they are able to see the world from a great vantage point whilst you do the hard graft.

You can either use a specific ‘backpack carrier’ or the classic baby carriers can often be used on your back as well.

Here you have a very simple introduction to the different kinds of carrier -which ones did you/do you use?

I mainly used the classic baby carrier because I wanted a secure carrier that was easy to put on by myself but have since been advised that I could have put a wrap on in the morning (when my other half was around) and kept it on for the day, therefore, allowing me to wear my baby in a wrap which might have been the more comfortable option for her.

Whichever one you decide to use baby-wearing can be a godsend for some parents who need two hands-free but also need to transport their little ones around – tell me how you get on!

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