How to help your baby with a cold

calpol for babies

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Has your baby got a cold? Are they coughing up loose phlegm all over you? Are they up all night? Do they sound wheezy?

It’s that time of year where colds spread from person to person like cold sores in a night club and babies are by no means immune to it just because they’re babies. (The cold I mean, not cold sores). In fact, since posting on our Facebook page that the boy has a cold, it turns out that everyone has a baby with a cold! Maybe it’s the latest fashion? Good to know I’m on trend.

The boy has come down with, what strikes me as a nasty cold. He’s coughing and spluttering constantly and far from his usual happy, self contented self.

To be honest, it’s really difficult to watch. My little boy is suffering and I’m powerless to help. Seeing your baby with a cold can be really tough… well it is for me anyway. So I’ve been searching for ways to help the little chap out. Here’s what I found. Naturally, we turned straight to Dr Google, our FB group for advice and our local GP to seek out some remedies that might help the poor little chap. If your baby is suffering with a cold too, this is what we’ve tried and it is seeming to help.

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Please read all the instructions on the packets of all these things and if you’re in doubt, ask your GP. These are just a few things that we have tried with our baby… we are not ‘recommending’ any of it.


Thanks to everyone on our Facebook who shared their hints and tips too.


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  1. Brian Scott

    I am going through the same thing. My little girl is congested and running a fever, the poor thing hasn’t slept in two days and lost her appetite and doesn’t want to drink much. Today, she is doing better. We’ve used some Vick’s products and Johnson’s Vapor Bath. We rotated Children’s Ibuprofen and Tylenol every 3-4 hours for the fever and pain, and also Children’s Mucinex Sinus and Cold. It helped her feel better.
    It is that time of year.

  2. Gary Mathews

    I remember when mine was that little and using the bulb to suck the crap out. I don’t know who hated it more she or I, of course her mother couldn’t do it. Hope your kiddo gets to feeling better!

  3. Pop Stephens


    Reading your post, and chillingly seeing how much of it and the comments remind me of my latest reflections, right down to the Eucalyptus Oil!

    Anyway, babies actually CAN get cold sores the same manner that nightclubing adults can. Dr. Google, back me up on this one. Also, I agree that it is painful to witness. But, Vick’s does make a baby vapor rub that is save for infants. It helped soothe my 18mo Gummy Bear through some rough nights recently. Good luck!


    • Al Ferguson

      Hi Pop, (Weird, cos I call my old man that!)

      Thanks for your comment. Yeah, so many babies get colds so easily, I reckon loads of bloggers are writing about it! And yes, I know that babies can get cold sores, but they don’t ‘get’ them in the same way! Most adults tend to share cold sores with each other by snogging several people in 1 night…in night clubs! That’s what I meant.

      We’ve got some Vicks vapour rub too. It is pretty good!

      Thanks mate

  4. Jenny Barrett

    HI there, I always use Myrtle essential oil – it’s like eucalyptus but milder> It’s especially good (infact miraculous) for whooping cough. Just a few drops on the pjs (not on the pillow because your little one might have a reaction if his or her skin touches it). It calms the breathing and clears congestion:)

    • Al Ferguson

      Aah, good to know! We’ll try that next time! Nice to hear from you Jenny!

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