Baby’s Six Month Development Stages Unpacked

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Month One

And so it begins.
Fresh from the comfort and solitude of the womb, a baby’s emotional development is a challenge and a journey for us all.
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Mental and physical stimulation cause sleepless nights,
Along with a yearning for the familiar warmth and closeness.
We hold them near and walk the halls,
Their tiny frame and scent too heavenly to resist.
That eye contact in the morning makes it all worthwhile,
Their own tiny sign of gratitude when they respond to your voice and smile.

Month Two

As month 2 goes on they develop a social smile.
They even enjoy playing with others, if only for a little while.
Faces are their preference and you’re their favourite subject to study.
They prefer looking at the people they love rather than inanimate objects.
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Their beautiful doe eyes study your face so graciously.
Committing your face to memory, it’s a look of unconditional love they will never ever forget.

Baby's six month emotional development

Month Three

Month three rolls in and they’ve found their voice.
Screams and cries that torture each of your nerves and cause pain in your heart.
But with the cries come the coos and gurgles in response to your own sounds.
Paired with the gummy grin the feeling is overwhelming.
Their robotic movements so jerky but earnest.
A chubby hand holding your finger so tight you pray they will never let go.

Month Four

Month four comes and goes and a gorgeous giggling Sharpei has replaced your tiny fragile baby.
They laugh when tickled and start to interact with others.

Everything is intriguing, the world is their school room.
The crinkle of a packet, the smell of fresh cut grass.
The brain buzzes and expands, there’s almost electric in their eyes.

Month Five

At month 5 they start rolling, your baby’s on the move.
Your peaceful days are over but each next stage is so much fun.
An inquisitive mind encourages them to sit unaided,
Providing them with a better view of the world around them.
As they gurgle and roll in a world that’s their own, they discover the feet that will eventually take them far.
Chewing their toes is so cute to watch, your amazing bendy bundle now so much fun.
You chatter unaware they are taking it all in,
Until one day they respond to that perfect name you took so long to choose for them.

Month Six

Half a year.
One hundred and eighty-two days.
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This time has flown by too fast, you plead it to slow down.
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Your baby is so affectionate you wish they could stay this way forever.
Dribbly open-mouthed kisses are received with a brimming heart.
As they explore the world with their mouths nothing is off limits.
Your Steriliser is working overdrive but you know your efforts are wasted.

After months of staring longingly at the family dinner table, it’s babies first food.
Baby-led or spoon fed, this stage is so exciting.
Watching their reaction to each new taste and texture,
As the miracle that is your baby continues on their amazing adventure.


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