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As the summer holidays come to an end, many parents are now grabbing new uniforms for children who have seemed to grow several inches in the last couple of weeks!

Uniforms come in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles, but it can be hard as a parent to find the right sizes and one that looks semi-decent on. Dealing with all of the different styles of trousers, shoe fittings, and working out what colour shirt is needed can feel like a marathon.

It can be even harder to find uniforms for children who don’t fit into ‘conventional sizes’. For many children who have been off school, they have been out of the classroom for months and it can increase anxiety and stress around getting back in front of other students.

A good uniform has been shown to promote commonality amongst students and can stop them from being bullied by their peers. Researchers from Oxford Brookes found that a consistent dress code helps as they don’t have to think about what they are wearing in the morning, and helps to stop bullying based on clothing.

The Journal of School Violence also found that uniforms help to increase children’s confidence and self-esteem when they are attending school, so getting the right fit is important.

So, where to go for the biggest size ranges can be quite challenging so we have done a roundup of the best ones to look out for! 

Tu at Sainsbury’s 

During the pandemic when most of the high street was shut, Sainsbury’s clothing was the go-to for their ‘Monki’ inspired clothing. The supermarket retailer has also expanded their clothing for primary school children.

Green Plus Fit Gingham School Dress (3-12 Years) from £4.50

They have a plus fit uniform that is one of the bigger selections with 22 products and comes in a huge arrange of colours and cuts. It starts at £4.50 and covers ages 3-12 so kill two birds with one stone and do your weekly shop as well!

George at Asda

Asda is also a wonderful supermarket destination for getting school uniforms. For children who want to look their best, their plus-sized range caters to almost all school styles that you might need. They have 18 plus fit items for girls, and 19 for boys, allowing every child to look smart at school.

Boys Black Plus Fit Regular Leg School Trouser 2 Pack from £7

Marks & Spencer

M&S is truly one of the best destinations for school uniforms, with good quality and clothing that lasts and lasts. Their range covers trousers, shirts, shoes, dresses, skirts, polos, jumpers and socks, so is really a one stop destination!

Girls’ Plus Fit Permanent Pleats School Skirt (2-18 Yrs) £9 – £14

It features a range of different fits, with ‘plus fit’ featuring 13 items, and skinny, regular and slim, covering a large selection of skirts, trousers fitting children from 2-18 years. There should be something here to fit most schools styles.  


Next has always been known for its inclusive range of high-quality goods. They have something in their range for everyone with their plus size including 18 products.

Not forgetting everyone else, they do have an extensive range of skinny and regular fit clothing that will style your kids wonderfully before they head to school.  

Grey 2-In-1 Short Sleeve Pinafore Dress (3-14yrs) £8-£11

What’s your favourite place to get school uniform? Tell us about it down below!

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