Grabbing a bargain holiday needs planning more than ever

Bargain holiday

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UK holidaymakers keen to avoid steep price rises are being forced to choose their destination carefully, new figures show. Planning is more important than ever when seeking out a bargain holiday.

The annual Holiday Money Report, which surveyed 40 destinations, found that UK holidaymakers are paying more for expenses such as meals, snacks, drinks, suncream and insect repellent in locations such as the Costa del Sol, Spain; Marmaris, Turkey; Orlando, USA; and Phuket, Thailand.

What is behind the holiday price rise?

Sterling has fallen against many other currencies over the last couple of years. When coupled with rises in resort prices, it means the cost of typical tourist items are higher in four out of five popular resorts and cities than a year ago.

The pound doesn’t stretch as far as it might previously have done in some places where UK tourists tend to go for a bargain holiday. But it’s not just the strength of the currency in the destination. For example, even with a 19.2% drop in the value of the Turkish lira, inflation and a 55% rise in the minimum wage at the nation’s bars and restaurants mean prices for UK visitors to Marmaris have more than doubled since last year.


Bargain holiday


The good news for a bargain holiday

The good news is that there are some destinations where your money will be worth more. In fact, prices have fallen year-on-year in six of the ten cheapest destinations that the survey discovered. If you are willing to look beyond the most popular destinations, you can still find a bargain holiday.

South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa has the lowest prices for UK visitors. This is due to the rand’s near-16% fall against sterling in recent months and competitive pricing in bars and restaurants. A three-course evening meal for two, including a bottle of house wine, typically costs just £35.80 in the coastal city.


Portugal’s Algarve is the cheapest of nine eurozone destinations surveyed despite prices rising by a third year-on-year. This makes it the best bargain destination for those looking for a short haul break.


Bargain holiday

The Algarve



The Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh is also in the best value top ten on the back of a fall in the Egyptian pound’s value.

Cheapest destinations for eight items commonly bought by tourists

With a bit of research, you can find a bargain holiday, with these items being the cheapest in these locations.

Cup of filter coffee: Algarve, Portugal (81p)
Bottle of local beer: Cape Town, South Africa (£1.62)
Bottle or can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi: Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (93p)
Glass of wine at a cafe or bar: Algarve, Portugal (£1.81)
Mineral water (1.5 litres): Marmaris, Turkey (15p)
Suncream (200ml): Tokyo, Japan (£4.34)
Insect repellent (50ml): Kuta, Bali (64p)
Three-course evening meal for two with a bottle of house wine: Cape Town, South Africa (£35.80)

Most expensive destinations for eight items commonly bought by tourists

Cup of filter coffee: Mahe, Seychelles (£4.55)
Bottle of local beer: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai (£8.99)
Bottle or can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi: Mahe, Seychelles (£3.85)
Glass of wine at a cafe or bar: New York, USA (£11.41)
Mineral water (1.5 litres): Rodney Bay, St Lucia (£4.95)
Suncream (200ml): Tamarindo, Costa Rica (£21.84)
Insect repellent (50ml): Reykjavik, Iceland (£17.16)
Three-course evening meal for two with a bottle of house wine: Reykjavik, Iceland (£135.87)


What is the best bargain holiday you have ever been on? Let us know in the Comments

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