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Beer Day Britain – 15th June 2019

Beer Day Britain is the UK’s national beer day, annually on 15th June.

To celebrate the nations alcoholic drink of choice, the celebration is design to ‘spread beery love throughout the land.’

There will be a national ‘cheers to beer’ at 7pm that will see millions of people across Great Britain joining in.

Beer Day Britain began in 2015 by Jane Peyton, an award winning sommelier and drinks educator.

We know all about beers here at The Dadsnet thanks to our annual beer tasting workshop held at DadCon. This year we’ve partnered with Fuller’s Brewery again and welcoming ‘Sue’ the wonderful sommelier back.

Supported by major players in the drinks market such as Britain’s Beer Alliance, society of Independent Brewers and the British Beer & Pub Association, Beer Day Britain is a good excuse to gather with friends and enjoy a few pints.

But be careful if you do, the day after is Father’s Day and so you won’t want to be nursing a hangover!

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