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Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 03/12/2014

It’s no secret that dads are notoriously difficult to buy presents for when it comes to Christmas (and indeed birthdays!) We’ve posted lists of Christmas presents for babies, children and dads but now it’s the turn of the sports dads. In fact, I think that dads who like sports are easier to buy for. The world of sports is filled to the brim with new products, innovative gadgets to help training and ‘old faithfuls’ that wear out and need replacing. We’ve searched the web for products in all three spanning all budgets and come up with the best Christmas gifts for dads who like sports available. In the list are some of this years newest and most wanted running gadgets designed to accompany you on your runs, walks, cycles or whatever sporting feat you enjoy. Some of them, I’ve tried and tested myself and are fabulous! Enjoy…


Nike Fuel Band + Calorie Counter

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, NIke band 300x300%, uncategorised%



The Nike Fuel Band is a great product, not just for intense exercise, but also every day weight loss use. It tracks your active lifestyle and records all the data to your smart phone. Analyse the data and set your own fitness goals. It tracks energy burned, movement and steps taken. It’s lightweight so you hardly notice it too. A really good product from Nike.

Buy it here

The FlipBelt by Level

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Belt 3 300x300%, uncategorised%


This running belt has changed the world of running belts. It has no buckles resulting in no chaffing or rubbing and is machine washable. Just pop in your phone, keys, money, medication or whatever in through one of the various openings, flip it over and everything is locked into place. Bounce is limited as you work out and you simply pull it on like a pair of trousers. Users say that you forget it is even there. This is a must have for any keen runner or gym rat!

Get one here

 Salomon X-Scream Running Shoes

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, x scream 300x300%, uncategorised%



A good pair of running shoes is vital for sports dads. Comfort is essential in order to look after your feet, which let’s face it, are your tools for your trades! It’s also a relatively personal thing. Everyone’s feet are different and therefore everyone has different preferences. Salomon are my preference though. The X-scream are unbelievably comfortable with excellent cushioning whilst maintaining a feel for the surface in your toes. They are aimed for road and off-road running, so you only need 1 pair of shoes! Money saving…. :) I sweat by Salomon running shoes.

Convert to Salomon running shoes here :) 

Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Running Watch

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Garmin 300x300%, uncategorised%



Being relatively new to long distance running, I have only just purchased a running watch to measure my times and distances. I got one because I didn’t like the phone bouncing around on my arm or in a pocket (I need the FlipBelt). Anyway, this watch is a great entry level running watch. It has all the settings you would need. You can track how far you run, how fast you run, how many calories and it has a great pacing function. There are more expensive, sophisticated watches out there, but as an entry level – you can’t beat this one.

Shop here

The Stick

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, The stick 300x300%, uncategorised%

£31.94 – £74.80

An unusual product but one that professionals swear by. The Stick is a device that aims to assist with muscle recovery after a workout or intense exercise. It comes in different sizes and strengths to suit you. In essence you simply hold the ends of the stick and roll it across your aching muscles. It massages the muscle fibres that are contorted and knotted from the activity and aids quicker recovery. You can see exactly how it works here:

My legs are aching – I need one now

Castelli Arm Warmers

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Arm warmers 300x300%, uncategorised%


Whether you run or cycle, arm warmers are a great idea. They free your arms from being restricted whilst maintaining a bearable temperature. For those winter commutes or early morning cycles, these are a great gift idea for a sports dad.

Shop here

Salomon S-Lab Lightweight Jacket

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Jacket 300x300%, uncategorised%


£42.30 (Currently in the sale at this bargain price!)

I’m not a Salomon salesman, honest, I just find that they consistently produced amazing, incredible products. This lightweight jacket accompanied me on my Man VS Mountain quest earlier this year. It packs up to a tiny dot in your pack but is also brilliantly shower and wind proof. It’s not a substitute for a full on wet weather, extreme condition jacket but as a lightweight emergency, running jacket, it isn’t rivalled.

Get this amazing deal now

The Bike Book

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Bike book 235x300%, uncategorised%



Every man thinks that they are able to fix their own bike. In reality, we can’t. So get them this book for Christmas. All us cyclists need one!

Get it here

Chain Reaction Vouchers

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Chain Reaction 300x282%, uncategorised%

£1 – £100

Chain Reaction have a whole world of cycling goodies… amongst other things. It’s definitely a good present for sports dads as they can choose what they really want.

Get some vouchers here

Guiness World Records – Sporting Champions

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Sports records%, uncategorised%


This is a great, humorous gift that any sports dad would enjoy reading whilst on the loo. It’s the kind of book that helps us dads gather our useless information.

Shop here

Rudy Project Sunglasses

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Sunglasses 300x300%, uncategorised%


Every runner and cyclist needs a quality pair of sunglasses. Rudy Project make quality everything so you won’t go much wrong with this pair. Currently on a great sale price too!

Take a look

X-Tools Bike Tool Kit

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Tools 300x300%, uncategorised%


I spent hours rearranging the garage last summer. I organized all my tools and laid them out in a nice neat rack next to my bikes with every good intention of repairing my bike myself when it needed some TLC. The truth is, I just didn’t have the right tools.. or at least, that’s the excuse I’m sticking too. Get him some lovely tools!

Like these ones


Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Yaktrax 279x300%, uncategorised%


Yaktrax are a wonderful and genious invention that sports dads need! They are basically clip on adapters that provide brilliant grib when it’s cold, icey or snowy. They’re not just great for walking but also running which means there’s not winter excuses for easing off the training now. A really good gift for dads though.

Shop here

Orca Transition Bag

Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Who Like Sports, Orca 300x300%, uncategorised%


A transition bag is quite a personal thing, which is why buying one for your favourite person is a lovely gift idea. You can’t go much wrong in my opinion to be honest and this Orca bag is highly recommended. It’s large enough to keep everything in with pretty substantial shoulder straps so when it’s filled, it’s not too uncomfortable.

Shop for one here

And that’s it. A load of great ideas for Christmas presents to buy your sports dad.

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