Biggest Tattoo Fails

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It’s estimated that about one in five of the UK population as a whole is tattooed and this figure rises to one in three for young adults.

Article from The Telegraph

A huge amount of people get tattoos these days, be it as a sign of commitment to a loved one, in memory of a loved one or simply as an artistic statement.

Along with many other parents I decided to get a tattoo to represent each of my children – a visual mark that I had chosen in contrast to all the (stretch) marks that I hadn’t. To me it makes sense, I’m never going to regret something that represents my children, but what about all those who do regret their tattoos? Here are 10 tattoos to act as a word of warning should you be considering getting one. Please use a reputable tattooist and for the love of god SPELCHEK SPELCHECK SPELLCHECK.

1. So many questions – primarily why did this old man have a dummy in whilst he was having his police mugshot taken?

2. She might be prome (sic) queen but she didn’t win the Spelling Bee

3. Why be content with being crazy cat lady when you could be crazy eyebrow cat lady?

4. Just incase anyone was in any doubt whatsoever

5. He was told he looked good in glasses and wanted to make it a permanent compliment

6. Forget innie or outie who has a cat arseholey?

7. Good to know that it is get better. Shame the tattoo won’t.

8. This person believes that belife makes things real. Unfortunately for her, tattoo’s also make spelling mistakes real(ly permanent).

9. I get the sentiment behind it, I just think it’s ridioulous.

10. I’m no super fan but I’m pretty sure that Jon Bovi is not a person and if he was he never said ‘it’s is my life’.

What about you? Any tattoo regrets? Any plans to remove a cheating ex or tweak an existing tattoo into something more relevant? Let us know!

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  1. Fergus

    10 good reasons to NEVER get a tattoo !

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