‘Biological males’ should not compete in women’s sports – Boris Johnson

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  1. Dale Harvey

    This article and the narrative its based on is targeted very specifically to the venn diagram of men who want to sound chivalrous defending women while at the same time being able to spout their sexist bullshit about how women are terrible at sport.

    There are certainly quite complicated issues when it comes to categorising sports by gender, Trans man competing / dominating in womens categories (Mack Begg), Cis Women being banned from competing because of their natural testosterone levels (Caster Semenya), the fact that a lot of womens categories were invented to specifically prevent women from beating men in the “real” sport in which women were often banned and are subject to widespead subjugation until today.

    A large amount of the people happy “defending” footballers from trans women are the same people who will bleat on about women dont deserve the same pay because they are terrible at the sport while ignoring that women were banned from playing it for 50 years. They are the same people who would have talked about how Black people couldn’t possible play basketball or baseball 50 years ago.

    This article does nothing to explain any of the nuance involved in this discussion, it uses bigoted and scientifically illiterate dog whistles (the term is not biological women, its cis women) to promote trans panic.

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