Blu-Ray or DVD of legendary noughties movie is now worth a lot of money if you have it

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If you’ve got this particular movie in your collection, you could be sitting on a tidy sum.

There’s a highly sought-after film that’s currently unavailable on Blu-Ray anywhere, driving up the value of existing discs.

Despite its widespread popularity and success, the film isn’t accessible for streaming in certain regions, nor is it in production on Blu-Ray. This scarcity has turned the discs into valuable commodities, fetching significant prices on platforms like eBay.

Danny Boyle’s 2002 zombie thriller, 28 Days Later. It’s a cinematic gem, but trying to watch it nowadays presents a challenge. It’s not on Netflix or any other streaming service, and while you might stumble upon a low-quality version on YouTube, it’s hardly the ideal viewing experience.

For horror enthusiasts, this scarcity is frustrating, especially when seeking the best possible quality. To watch 28 Days Later in pristine condition, you’ll likely have to scour secondhand stores like CEX or shell out around £40 on eBay.

However, if you happen to be one of those forward-thinking individuals who amassed a stash of 28 Days Later Blu-Rays, anticipating their future worth, now’s your chance to cash in. As highlighted by TikToker @unkn0wns0ldier11, scarcity has driven up demand, with copies selling for as much as $110 (£86) in the US.

This scarcity underscores the enduring value of physical media in an era dominated by streaming platforms. While your favorite film may be available on a streaming service today, there’s no guarantee it’ll remain there indefinitely. Owning a copy ensures continued access, safeguarding against the whims of licensing agreements and platform rotations.

So, if you’ve been lamenting the space your Blu-Ray collection takes up, consider the alternative: a world without access to cinematic treasures like 28 Days Later. It’s a scenario that’s too bleak to contemplate.

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