Boys get paid more pocket money than girls, according to a new study

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It seems the gender pay gap issues are far more deeply routed than we first thought! 

Equal pay for equal work has been a fight women have been having for many years and it has come to light that this seeds all the way back to childhood., a US-based chore and pocket money App says that parents are paying their sons twice as much pocket money as they are their daughters. The research conducted by the company doesn’t reveal why this is the case, however. But it comes over loud and clear that parents, both impose and pass on their biases to their children.
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I guess this reflects the everyday sexism that has infested the professional world around us. 

The founder said his company analysed the data from 10,000 families who use the App, that although some parents do pay equally for jobs and chores done around the house, this tended to be the exception, rather than the trend. 

The flaw in the research, though, is that it didn’t necessarily take into consideration the child’s age and whether parents pay more to their older children, which may have had an impact. But the issue is there and should be addressed.
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In another study, it was found that just 10% of parents expressed an interest in teaching their children how to manage their money. To me, a shocking statistic in a world rife with huge debts.


The problem in my mind is that it’s much harder to teach children about what’s essentially invisible. When I grew up, my pocket money was left out on the kitchen counter in small piles of coins. I remember the day when it went up from £2 to £2.

50. When it’s tangibly in front of you, you can watch it grow, watch it deplete and learn about the value. Nowadays, invisible money means that children aren’t learning about the value of money. 

What do you think the best way to teach our children about money is?

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