Lockdown easing in England

BREAKING: Lockdown Easing in England – Meet One Person Outside a Household

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has outlined a step by step guide to how lockdown will ease including being able to see ONE person outside a household from Wednesday 13th May

During the Prime Ministers questions this afternoon, Boris Johnsons laid out the 3 step plan to ease lockdown after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: UK Government

Step One – 13th May

  • Wear a face-covering in enclosed spaces
  • Only meet one person from outside a household – (more information to come)
  • Drive to open spaces irrespective of distance
  • Travel to work is workplace is open
  • Avoid public transport if possible

Step 2 – Earliest 1st June

  • Phased return for nurseries and schools
  • Hope all primary schools to return before the summer
  • Non-essential retail to open where safe
  • Sport & cultural events behind closed doors
  • Measures to facilitate small weddings

Step 3 – Earliest 4th July

  • Reopen all remaining businesses including
    – Hairdressers, beauty salons
    – Pubs, hotels
    – Places of worship
    – Leisure facilities including cinemas

However, the above changes to lockdown are only applicable in England.

Scotland: Advice to businesses unchanged

Wales: ‘Stay at home’ advice unchanged

Northern Ireland: Considering a plan for phased recovery

Boris Johnson said, This is the moment for the whole country to come together, obey the rules and apply common sense.

Other important changes to note are:

  1. Most international arrivals to the UK to be quarantined for 14 days.
  2. Some parts of the UK may need to stay in “full lockdown” longer than others, Johnson says, but this should be short term.
  3. People in England should cover their faces in settings where they can’t social distance, the government says

More information will be shared during a briefing from Downing Street at 19:00 this evening.

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