Breastfeeding Dads: New Hormone Kit ‘Makes Men Lactate.’

Dads could breastfeed

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  1. Joe

    How does a man sign up to be the Guinea pig. I am interested in being the test subject just send me everything needed and i will be glad to be the first test subject.

    • Michael Burkett

      Id Love to become a test subject

    • Mark

      I would love to try and participate!

      • Eve

        What about the affect of the hormones on the actual baby?
        Women have to be very careful what they eat & what medications they have when they breast feed. Yet you’re happy to pump men full of artificial hormones that will inevitably pass through to the baby.
        You’ve lost your minds.

    • Howard Langley

      I would also like to be a test subject. As a Christian the Bible in the Old Testament has two passages that speak of men being able to breastfeed. If it was possible to do back then then I believe that it is that it is possible to do now. I also feel that if this can really happen, and that a lache league could be started to men. I would be more than happy to do whatever I can to help make it happen.

  2. Jake

    I am also willing to try it. Send me the needed equiptment

  3. Lisa

    When I was bf I was criticised for drinking coffee but here men are being encouraged to take hormones so they can ‘lactate’. What effect are synthetic hormones going to have on a baby? This is awful.

    • Garfield Carter

      Lisa I can’t lie, I’m bit offended you’re on dadsnet right now, this is supposed to be a safe haven for Dads (my way of escaping the wife ya know I can’t remember why I married her)

  4. John

    I would definitely be the Guinea pig for this..send me the kit and I’ll commit

  5. Annette

    As a lactation consultant, I would love to know if this worked for anyone.

  6. Mark Ronning

    I am willing to be a test subject. Sign me up I give you my full permission

  7. A dad

    I naturally lactate, doctor reckons it’s a prolactinoma though nothing too bad is happening so I’m letting it go, hormones are back to normal again. I’ve never had any drugs. I don’t have moobs either though they are a little bit bigger since lactating. My theory, how much room do salivary glands need to produce? Not much. How much do I lactate? Not much, stimulation sure does bring on more though and more size though the size is mostly acrosss the whole chest starting from around the shoulders and not focussed at the nips so it’s not very visible like moobs as the increase in volume is over a large area, my shirts get stretched. As a man, having the needles let down feeling at random times, and the peaceful bonding feeling, and hormones urging me want to grab a baby and feed it, that is weird.

  8. William

    I volunteer to be a tester (if possible). Just tell me what info ya need and ill happily give it to you.

  9. Cydney Brook

    These items will make the job of breastfeeding your baby much easier. Also included is a helpful book for new moms that contains information such as: the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, feeding your baby and the different stages of lactation. This book will help your new sibling to develop a positive outlook toward breastfeeding.

  10. Simon Redding

    Yes men can lactate. I did when I took hormones and domperidone. I grew breast tissue. The glans needed for milk production do not go away once you stop the hormones so beware if you don’t want permanent moobs.

  11. Patrick Bonetti

    Sure sign me up, I would like to help improve the science on male breast/Chest feeding. With todays life style where the majority of parents both need to work this could really help and bring the family closer together.

  12. Jeff Wilson

    Sign me up, I will be a volunteer.

  13. Stephanie Smith

    I would love to be in the trial

  14. Ira Smith

    I would love to be in the trial. I have worked hard growing my boobs using various creams as well as daily pumping my breasts. I am up to between a C and D Cup and I am proud of them. I love the extra sensitivity in them now. All I would like now is to be able to actually produce milk.

  15. Vee Gorbutt

    I am interested in volunteering for your trial. My wife is expecting and I would like to volunteer.

  16. Roland Visser

    Hi I live in the Netherlands and I am also interested in volunteering for this test. We have 2 children and are planning for a third but the pregnancy and breastfeeding period are a real struggle for my wife and it would be a great thing if I could participate in the breastfeeding period

  17. Gary Whipple

    I would love to volunteer for the trial

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