Brilliant Baby Gadgets For 2021

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Tech gadgets for babies might be a relatively new addition, they are often a lifesaver for providing parents with peace of mind.

The human race has been giving birth and having children for the last 300,000 years. Tech gadgets for babies might be a relatively new addition, they are often a lifesaver for providing parents with peace of mind. Being a parent is a tough job, and the tech world is constantly working to help parents with the latest gadgets.  Here at The Dadsnet we have done a roundup of some of our favourite new items on the market for you.  

Glow in the dark Dummies

Do you struggle to find your baby’s dummy in the dark, fumbling around the cot until you are able to find it? Well fear not because Nuby has brought out a range of glow in the dark dummies which will make sleep deprivation a thing of the past.  

image courtesy of Nuby UK

You can buy a 2 pack for £4.49 at

Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere

This American favourite has finally arrived in Europe and is taking the continent by storm. Their BassiNest swivel sleeper allows 360° movement, allowing for the utmost convenience.  It is ideal for mothers after a C-section, as it allows you to tend to your baby in bed.  The mesh walls allow you to see your baby at eye level and include vibrational levels, soothing sounds, nightlights, and a floor light.  What is not to love?

Image courtesy of Halo Sleep

Prices start at £249.01

Elvie Breast Pump

Elvie Breast pump is one best on the market, being a quiet and handsfree machine that slots into your bra. It won gold in the M&B awards 2020 Best Breast Pump category.  By losing the restraints of wires and plugs it allows busy mums to get on with their day, helping other children.  

You can choose to buy a single for £249, or a double for £449

Image courtesy of Elvie


Nanit is brilliant for people who want to have a bird’s eye view of their little ones but have a busy schedule. It is a personalised sleep coach and babymonitor, which you can track from your phone.  It measured the temperature of the room including its humidity, and lets you listen in on your children.  It sends you notifications if your baby wakes up and starts crying.  Not only tracking your babies sleep, but turning it into a report for you to read in the morning.  

Buy the complete monitoring set for £379

Image courtesy of Nanit

Snuza Hero MD Baby breathing Monitor

If you ever get worried about your baby stopping breathing in the night, then this is the product for you.  It clips onto the nappy and if your baby stops breathing for 15 seconds, it vibrates to remind them, creating an audible noise if your baby doesn’t respond for another 5. 

It is currently priced at 79:99

Image courtesy of Snuza

What is your favourite baby gadget? Comment down below!

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