This is a Bubba Bib! It is clear and obvious to all parents that a bib is an essential when it comes, not only to eating time, but babies full-stop.

Whether it’s dribble, sick, milk, mush or ketchup a bib is required, especially for those parents/dads who can’t bear the muck. My dad used to wrap me up in several muslins to make me look like a mummified toddler before feeding me yoghurt! 

Bubba Bibs is an English company producing bandanna type bibs. They are designed to be one fit suits baby to toddler by a small adjustable popper at the back. There are 2 things that make these bibs fantastic. 

#1 The material is super soft and I would be surprised if it caused any irritation under the chin at all. In fact, it’s so soft, the wife has caught me wearing one just because it feels nice. The soft cotton is lined with a fleece type material which is the comfort culprit. 

#2 The choice of design is vast. If you are unable to find one that you don’t like or doesn’t suit your taste or doesn’t match your babies wardrobe, I’ll be gob smacked. Stars, stripes, block colours, camouflage, leopard print! 

They machine wash and come out nice and clean. They dry quickly and are ready to use again. These are great bibs, and often have promotions for multiple buys. Definitely worth taking a look at their website. Ideal for dribblers, weaning, milkers and baby food babies. 

We can’t find a major issue with these bibs. They are fantastic and do exactly what they need to do. The only difficulty for dads is trawling through the vast range of colours to find one that ‘matches’ your babies outfits! 

The official Dad Network Star Rating is: 5 / 5

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