Bushbaby Cocoon Carrier – Product Review

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Since the dawn of age carrying our babies has been second nature. There is a natural instinct to want to hold your children close to you. Even in today’s world millions of people choose to carry their children in slings. Personally, I can understand this. I think that there is nothing more intimate than carrying your children close to you. I know that there are occasions when a pushchair is needed, but I’m a strong advocate for using carriers more frequently. 

The Bushbaby carrier is one of many carriers on the market, but from what I’ve seen, it stands apart significantly. I’ve tried a number of carriers out and a good, easy to use one isn’t as easy to find as you might think. In the traditional Dad Network fashion, I thought I’d simplify this by using a list:

The good bits

#1 I pulled this carrier out the packet, looked at the picture and put it straight on. It’s not a tangled mess of clips, buckles and straps to get twisted. It really is very simple to use. 

#2 The ‘pod’ that holds the baby is firm and well padded. It feels secure and protective. Some have just a thin bit of material that makes you feel uneasy. This is not one of them! 

#3 That same pod attaches and detaches very easily. It means that you can put the baby in the pod and clip it in securely on your own. It also means that if you don’t want to wake the baby up when you take him out, you can. You simply unattach the pod and lay it down with the baby still in it. I tried this and it worked fine. 

Something to consider

#1 I found that as I walked the pod slipped down a bit. This could be solved by simply tightening the straps at the back, but you’d need to carry a few times before getting the adjustments right. When I took it off, I had to loosen the straps, which meant that I lost my ‘settings.’ The next time I used it, I had to try and guess how tight to have them. 

I love baby carriers and often use one round the house. This one is brilliant. When I spoke with the company they even said that one had been purchased to be used for HRH Prince George… If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me! 

The Bushbaby Carrier receives an official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 and wins our award of recommendation. 

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