Busting the ‘Vampire Settings’: Your Guide to a Warmer Wallet this Winter

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As the festive season rolls around, not only does the temperature dip, but the cost of living seems to take an upward leap, particularly the heating bills.

Amidst this chilly financial scenario, lurking around the corners of your home are some ‘vampire settings’ that might be stealthily draining your energy and finances. Here’s a dive into what these settings are and how tweaking them could save you a tidy sum.

Radiators: The Silent Guzzlers:

Radiators, a quintessential part of any home when the temperature drops, could be syphoning off more energy than you’d expect. British Gas sheds light on a simple tweak; by installing thermostatic radiator valves, you could regulate the hot water flow, thereby saving an average of £75 annually​1​.

Dishwashers: The Temperature Trap:

The temperature setting on your dishwasher is a subtle yet significant energy drainer. The standard settings, usually between 55ºC and 65ºC, could be higher than necessary. A moderate reduction could lead to energy, and hence cost savings, without compromising on the cleaning efficacy.

Standby Settings: The Hidden Thieves:

Various appliances and gadgets around the house continue to draw power even when not in active use. The standby mode, while convenient, could be costing you more than you realise. Unplugging devices or switching them off at the source when not in use could lead to noticeable savings over time.

Exploring Energy-Saving Gadgets:

The market is ripe with gadgets designed to enhance energy efficiency. From smart plugs that can be controlled remotely to energy-efficient light bulbs, investing in such gadgets could offer long-term savings.

Getting Professional Energy Audits:

Engaging professionals to conduct an energy audit of your home could unearth hidden energy vampires and provide tailored solutions to mitigate the energy loss.


The ‘vampire settings’ lurking in your household could be silently contributing to the financial chill this winter. A vigilant eye and proactive steps towards energy efficiency could lead to a warmer and financially comfortable season. As the adage goes, taking care of the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves.


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