Cage fighter who was sterilised at 28 as she never wanted children becomes a fertility magazine sex guru advising couples trying to conceive

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  1. Angela

    Whilst I can what Faith is trying to say, the fact she has a very clear and defined path that doesn’t include children makes it harder for her to understand the biological urges that people experiencing subfertility have.
    Taking time out is not necessarily an option for some couples as they struggle with POF, age, and a myriad of other issues, and can actually add to the stress they are already experiencing. These couples may already be mid to late 30’s, if not early 40’s and have many commitments that make acting like a teenager difficult to achieve due to time or work constraints, can you imagine the headlines if a barrister was found making out in his car with his wife/partner.
    I would suggest that she considers more than just her own point of view and tries to consider the situation from both sides otherwise her advise may end up being another source of stress for couple ttc in the same way as someone telling you “just relax, get drunk and have some really good sex (because we all suck *pun intended* at it when we’re sober). Good luck with the column.

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