Care Makes a Man Stronger

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Care makes a man stronger
“It takes great strength to be gentle.” Hearing this resonated with me, and now that I’m a dad I can adopt the principles behind it in my every day fathering. A recent quote from social media said this: ‘A real measure of a man’s strength is how much he cares for his kids.’ I can play the silly, fun and macho dad quite easily. It’s natural to have rough and tumble, joke around and allow the boy to eat old food off the floor. But it can be much harder to be tender, emotional and caring. This requires me to stop, remember myself and use some effort. And when I do this, the rewards seem much greater. If all I had, was a relationship based on wrestling and farting with the boy, it’d be pretty shallow. That stuff is important but those moments of stillness when we cuddle, when I breathe him in, when I wipe his tears and calm him are what glue our relationship together. You need both sides to the relationship but my point is that one initially comes easier than the other and I bet it’s the same for many others.

Alongside the emotions involved in parenting, there is a whole host of practical things that need doing. Things that I sometimes struggle to remember. Using Sudocreme when I change his nappy, moisturising his little dry patch behind his ear, brushing his hair……. So many things to remember. I find it difficult because in all honesty I’m not that great at even taking care of myself. My care regime consists of a shower, usually with shower gel, and brushing my teeth. I forget to use deodorant, I forget to use moisturiser and I have a beard so that I don’t need to shave. If looking after myself is so low down on the list, of course, I’m going sometimes to forget to do various things with the boy. Luckily, to date, I have never forgotten anything major!


I have tried to use some different care products in the past, but the problem is continuity. The mornings are busy and I just forget. Fortunately, though, Dove Men+Care have sent me a care package, aptly contained in a first aid box. My skin is in need of some first aid for sure! Bizarrely, it was only a few days before this care pack arrived that my wife referred to me as a tramp! That was the kick up the arse I needed to start looking after myself. Since then (and since the care pack) I’ve been using moisturiser, face wash, proper shampoo, anti-perspirent and even a little aftershave. The beard is trimmed and I went to the hairdresser. The funny thing is; I feel so much better for it. It’s true what Dove Men+Care are saying: Care Makes a Man Stronger. Taking better care of myself on the outside has made me feel better within myself.

I’ve tried out the Ultra Hydrating Cream & The Face & Body Wash. (My brother tried out the shave cream because I don’t shave, I trim!)

Ultra Hydrating Cream


I’m by no means an expert in skin care but if it’s true that they say you need 8 pints of water a day to be considered healthy, I assume that means your skin needs to be hydrated too. This moisturiser is not oily in the slightest and leaves a refreshing feel; I am pleasantly surprised at how good it felt to start regularly using a good moisturiser. The scent is nice and you don’t need to use much to cover the face. My face instantly felt better.

Face & Body Wash


This is a great combo because for most guys, they don’t like multiple products. It’s hard enough remembering to use 1, for me! The scent for this soap is mild and not over powering which is an added bonus. Some body washes are hard to actually wash off, leaving a residue on the skin and resulting in more of a body scrub than a wash. This is not the case for this one. It washes off easily, leaving a slightly moisturised feel to your skin. Ultimately, it gets rid of my ‘end of the day’ smell (that the wife claims she likes – but I’m sure no-one else does.)

Shave Cream


“Shave creams are plentiful. Walking into Boots and looking for a good cream is hard work due to the huge variety. But this Dove Men shave cream is a really good find. It’s soothing on the skin and helps give a really close shave without the rash or irritation afterwards. The concentration is good so you don’t need a huge amount to cover your face. A really nice cream. Thumbs up Dove!” (Written my Brother Dad Network)


The best thing about these products is that they all compliment each other. I use the body and face wash, followed by the moisturiser and I’m smelling sweet and feeling good. Now all I need to do is remember to use them both. But as I said, I’m turning a corner in my ‘self-presentation’ segment of my life and want to be that strong man, who looks after himself and cares about his appearance. I think I owe it to my wife too, she’s damn hot so I need to make some sort of effort! It’s true what Dove Men are saying; care makes a man stronger.


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  1. Silly Mummy

    Sounds like a nice set. It’s always good to find an effective moisturiser. #bigfatlinky

  2. Luke Strickland

    Real men moisturise! But also a good point about allowing ourselves to express the deep care we have for our kids… #bigfatlinky

  3. Sarah Howe

    Hehe I love that your wife said you were like a tramp! I tell hubby off if he doesn’t shower but I like the be clean. The pack looks great and sounds like with each bit complimenting each other it’s easy to remember xx #bigfatlinky

  4. Elizabeth (Wander Mum)

    Taking care of your skin (and health) is so important. I’m glad this has helped you see the light! My hubby has always been pretty good at this. Well groomed men are the future! #bigfatlinky

  5. John Adams

    Care most certainly does make a man stronger. An essential part of masculinity is taking responsibility for your actions; be that looking after yourself and having a good skincare regime or your children.

    Now when it comes to having a good skincare regime you are talking ot the wrong person. I could keep you in conversation for several hours… #BigFatLinky

  6. Morna

    These look lovely! What is it with men and hair brushing???? Since the school holidays started I’ve had to start brushing my kids hair at night because me husband clearly isn’t doing it in the mornings! #bigfatlinky

  7. Sarah Norris

    I loved the first part of this post, it drew me in and made me want to hear more, especially ‘ those moments of stillness when we cuddle, when I breathe him in, when I wipe his tears and calm him are what glue our relationship together.’…beautiful.
    I wish, however that you had kept this separate from the product promotion because it spoiled the post for me, and I would have really liked to hear more about your thoughts on caring and gentleness.
    I know it is hard integrating integrating endorsements etc, but you have such an engaging writing style, and thoughtful subjects, that, for me, it jars even more when it is interrupted by adverts.
    Hope you don’t mind me saying this and see it as constructive rather than criticism ?
    Sarah x
    Sarah x

  8. International Elf Service

    Great review and I tend to wash and go too. Mornings are just very very busy!! I agree – we are all better at different things and what a good thing that is!!

  9. Kirsten Toyne

    Caring is such a valuable thing because not only does someone receive that care but we grow through it too. #bigfatlinky

  10. Cheryl @ Reimer and Ruby

    Great review! My hubby likes dove products too… I preferred him to work as he showers everyday and smells good, while if he’s off or on holiday he forgot about it, typical man i guess! lol. #bigfatlinky

  11. Emma's Mamma

    Glad your finally looking after yourself! They sound like great products :) #bigfatlinky

  12. Tracey Abrahams (The Anxious Dragon)

    Its good when a bloke (or a woman for that matter) has all their products matching, as their is less fragrance clashes. My fella tends to randomly borrow mine , most of which are fruit scented, so he ends up smelling like a fruit salad! will have to point him in the direction of the Dove range. #bigfatlinky

  13. Rob

    That does look like a nice kit. If you’ve seen any of the pictures of me on my blog I think it’s safe to say I suffer from many of the same afflictions when it comes to taking care of myself. #bigfatlinky

  14. Alexandra Hurton

    I love it when my products match in a set like this! Looks like a great kit for the man of our house. #BigFatLinky

  15. Michelle

    It’s nice that a major brand like Dove is taking into consideration that men need to take of themselves too! Visiting from #thebigfatlinkyweekend.

  16. Ali

    I’m encouraging my teenage son to use moisturiser now so he has a good care routine #bigfatlinky

  17. Adrian

    Nice review but I even Dove is out of bounds as I’ve got crazy hypoallergenic skin so I tend to just use water and a flannel and then some Neals Yard cream to stick my face together!
    It’s an effort trying to look good with a toddler – no idea how Mrs B manages it!

  18. Alison

    Great review, and the opening was really lovely read. I’ll have to consider Dove products next time I’m looking for a gift for my husband. #bigfatlinky

  19. Ashleigh

    I wish my hubby would use some cream once in awhile! bigfatlinky

  20. Ami

    Hubby is so very much like you. Hes not a big fan of shaving but does it because he has to for work and is very much a shower and go guy. He has this Dove stuff and it smells lush and when he does use it he loves it because the the smell isn’t super over powering.

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