CES 2015

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Don't miss a thing

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  1. martyn

    Wow!! I love this! Sadly my money tree isn’t in season but I can see many people getting them. When 3D TVs first come out there wasn’t much in comparison in price range. Like most things the price will eventually drop….but I have a feeling that i will need my money tree to come back in season even then. I love how technology is changing and constantly improving our entertainment. I do see this as a massive thing to change how we view.

    • Jim Flowers

      Sadly I’m in the same boat as you Martyn. Although 4K TVs have been out since mid last year, they are no way near the affordable price I can even broach the subject with Mrs F yet, plus I think the size might look a little ridiculous in my small living room.

      The quality is fantastic though and you really do notice the difference from the current HD TVs.

      • Al Ferguson

        Have to start saving the pennies!

  2. Gary Mathews

    I’m with you Martyn, nothing I love more than a brand new shiny TV with all the bells and whistles but unfortunately all my “fun” money gets to go to my brand new shiny lawyer instead. Thanks AJ for putting these on my radar!

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