Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Kids

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Halloween has always been a major event over in the US. From what I have gathered (mainly from TV, so not the most reliable source) it seems that the streets are littered with children of all ages dressed up as ghouls and ghosts and Steve from Minecraft. Their parents either following them round in normal dress or dolled up to their eyeballs in costumes too.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Gradually, year on year, this American craze is creeping in to British culture and more and more families are getting involved. Naturally, we are still far more reserved than our American friends, but that’s to be expected.

If you’ve caught the halloween bug and are planning on hitting the streets to dabble in a bit of trick or treating, then keep reading because we’ve found some of the most creative, cheapest and funniest halloween costumes that have been caught on camera.

Let’s start with the funniest!

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We’ve done a little round up of some great ideas.


This lion costume is one of many from Take a look at some of the others.


This pumpkin outfit is simple but still looks awesome!


Another Oz character, Scarecrow.

Robin Hood

Love a bit of Robin Hood! Who doesn’t!


A robot is always a winning halloween costume idea and is pretty straight forward to make. Check out the tutorial here

Angry Birds

Not the scariest halloween costume you’ll find but definitely the angriest. Check out the tutorial here

Muscle Man

One of my personal favourites here. Check out the tutorial here

Knight halloween

Another great idea. Check the tutorial here


This has to be a classic surely! Lego is such a good idea and this is a pretty easy craft. I reckon even I could do it. Here’s the tutorial


Stinky kids? Why not dress them up as a skunk for halloween? Here’s the tutorial

Mario Bros

Mario Bros is a classic halloween costume. I used to love playing this game on the SNES! Simple but effective.


And here’s one of many other great designs you might like to check out. Click here for plenty more.

So you’ve seen the funniest halloween costumes, you’ve had a good look at some handmade, DIY Halloween costumes for kids and now I’m about to make your life even easier by giving you a list of some fabulous Halloween costumes you can buy at fabulous prices.

Zombie Suit

This girls Zombie suit is only £8.48 from eBay


Morph suits are really popular and on eBay these kids morph suits start from £4.95

Jail Suit

A cool halloween costume here. Jail suit covered in blood. Nice! Another bargain from eBay at only £6.47

Mario Bros eBay

If you don’t fancy making it as above, just buy one for £9.88 from eBay

Pumpkin Adult

Have matching pumpkin costumes with this bargain, again, from eBay

[table caption=”Amazon Deals” width=”750″ colwidth=”250|250|250″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]

I that Etsy have some great, cheap Halloween costumes for kids too, so it’s well worth checking their website.

Ok, I think I’ve done enough favours for you now. Let me know which one you go for. I’d love to see some photos. You can tag us on Instagram, tweet us your Halloween pics or share them on our Facebook page. Happy Halloween! ;)

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  1. Brian

    Pretty neat ideas, and yes you are correct. Halloween is a very popular tradition here, it is a very fun holiday here. We love it!

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