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38 Great Poundland Buys for a Summer of Messy Play

Poundland Messy Play

As a family we all LOVE messy play!

It’s great to think up new ideas and wonderful to watch Ted engrossed in an activity we have set up for him. He’s almost two now and he has really grown in confidence to explore when introduced to a new activity. We usually provide at least one messy play activity for Ted each day and he thoroughly enjoys them.

We have watched him develop, explore and learn all through play. I highly recommend any parent to try setting up some activities themselves at home.

We share our ideas on our Instagram and Facebook pages and we are often asked questions about the activities and the resources needed. Today we went to Poundland and bought lots of new things that we will need for a summer full of fun; messy play activities.

Take a look at our boot this afternoon!


Here’s a closer look at what we bought:

[metaslider id=7602]

This is just our Poundland haul. We’ve also bought some great bits ‘n bobs from Amazon, Morrison’s & Sainsbury’s. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing all of our ideas on the blog, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, so please come and join the fun!



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