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We’re getting ready for The Baby Show! – Quality, Cheap Roller Banners

Here at The Dad Network we’re gearing up for our first appearance at The Baby Show as their official blogger. We’re really looking forward to meeting new people, new brands and maybe even some new bloggers. And so it’s for these reasons that we want to make a good impression. We also wanted to make sure people know who we are and what we do – what better way than designing a roller banner to show the world who The Dad Network are! (Well, to show the delegates at The Baby Show at least).

We got in touch with one of our official partners, Ask Her Friends, who kindly helped us create a design worthy of such an occasion. This is what they came up with:


We then searched high and low on Google for cheap roller banner printing and sifted through the riff raff of low quality printing and ended up finding www.rollerbannersuk.com

We looked through some of their information and found it really helpful. We’re obviously not your typical company trying to get business and so we wanted to select the right option from the array of different styles of banners they offer. You’d be surprised about how many products are available!

This gave us a nudge in the right direction:

“A busy trade show can make it seem hard to stand out from the other businesses advertising there as well. What better way to achieve this than with easy transportable cheap roller banners? Roller banners are a great choice for those that have limited space for materials when traveling.”

Exactly what we thought we were after! We read on…

“Roller banners are extremely versatile and easy to move wherever and whenever you need them. This means they can be used for many different events and provide fantastic value for your advertising dollar, which makes them a great option for trade shows where you want to make a unique impact on a large group.”

Perfect! We then saw this:

“When you order your roller banner you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality product possible. Roller Banners UK recently replaced its printer with a new state of the art machine in order to provide you with a higher quality print than ever before!”

That’s just what I want to hear! And even better…

“We pride ourselves on processing your order fast and offer free delivery so that you get your roller banner when you need it. Our fast processing time makes us an excellent choice for last minute advertising when you need to make maximum impact at an economical cost.”

Quality printing, speedy delivery and ultimately great prices – this is the place if you’re looking for quality, cheap roller banners.

We simply can’t wait to get ours up at The Baby Show. Make sure you keep an eye out for it!


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