Is your child (or you) addicted to their smartphone? Take the test

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  1. Cameron Laird

    It scares me to imagine my son becoming addicted to smart phones and tablets. My wife and I have been conscious of the risk and do our beat to limit exposure for him (he doesn’t have his own but gets access to our kindle). They can be great tools but they can also ruin your ability to communicate in the real world.
    We also do our best to start off our own phones when we are with each other, especially around him.
    Good to know someone has come up with a way to determine the severity of it.

  2. Fergus

    It’s a nightmare! My kids are so focussed on their phones they have them with them ALL the time, my son even takes it to the bathroom for a pee!! It’s a constant battle as they are on Snapchat YouTube and instagram with their mates but don’t listen to people who are actually there unless I make a point of ‘shaming’ them to focus and put the gadget down. Try to keep your kids off them for as long as possible is my advice…they don’t really need them (except to feel as though they fit in with their peers, sadly )

  3. kym

    lol got 42 so I’m not addicted to my smartphone ?

    maybe before ?


  4. Archie Mabbutt

    Hello everybody,

    I have an app which can help get reduced the time your kids spen on thair mobile devices. The app is called Screen Time. You can control thair device/s from your phone. You can pause thair devices (which means that they wont be able to use thair phone untill you un pause it) and you can also block certain apps if you dont feel comfterbal with them using some apps. And if they are in high school you can also put school time blocker on which means they wont be able to go on thair phone through out the school day and you can block thair device/s for other thing as well. They can also earn time by doing homework or doing chores around the houce. You can put on an amount of time they can use thair device/s per day and you can add other devices on if your child has mor than 1 device or if you have another child.

  5. Ariadne

    I did this quiz with my daughter about her, and she actually only scored 5!

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