Chipex Touch Up Paint Giveaway, Chipex%, uncategorised%

Chipex Touch Up Paint Giveaway

Chipex Touch Up Paint Giveaway, Chipex%, uncategorised%

There’s very little more annoying than petty vandalism to ones car! I walked out to the car recently only to find a huge key scratch down the passenger door. Highly annoying! As if I haven’t got enough to deal with a new born baby! Paying out to repair a key scratch is the last thing I need…

Luckily there’s companies like Chipex though. They produce a revolutionary car paint touch-up system that outperforms all other touch-up paint… Chipex car touch-up paint system has become the product of choice for repairing scratches & stone chips, because the new paint blends with your existing paintwork, for a seamless repair.

All Chipex paint comes blended with clearcoat lacquer, meaning you do not need to apply this separately, as with ordinary car touch up paint.

The Dad Network is giving away a starter kit for you to touch up any damaged paint work to your car. They have a great matching system on the website so you can make sure you get the exact colour you need. All you have to do to enter is fill out the form below. Easy!

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Find out more about Chipex (@chip_ex)  


*The Dad Network received a Chipex starter kit in exchange for running this giveaway. 

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