Christmas Gift Guide for Kids, Preteens & Teenagers 2022

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Choosing Christmas presents for kids and teenagers can be tough, especially when there are so many out there and so many things they say they want. We’ve put together this inspirational list of gift ideas to help you to find a great gift for your child, whether that’s a stocking filler for a teenager or a kid that needs something big.

Marvel Battle World Ultimate Armoury Mega Pack

Pick your Heroes, rescue your friends, and win enough battles to defeat Thanos! Battleworld is a revolutionary, cooperative, expandable, collectible adventure game featuring dozens of characters from across the Marvel Universe! As you play, crack open mysterious Thanostones to reveal the characters inside. There are more than 30 new characters to collect!
RRP: £15.00
Stockists: Funko & Amazon

Aquabeads Carry Case

The Beginners Carry Case is suitable for those who have just begun their Aqua-beading adventure – it even comes with two template sheets to inspire you. The Beginners Carry Case set comes complete with 900 beads in 24 colours, more than enough to create whatever your imagination desires. The set comes with a handy carry case to store all of your beads, flip tray, and template sheets as well as a double-sided Aquabeads pen and sprayer, and even creation display and design pegs to decorate your creations on.
RRP: £35.00
Stockists: Argos, Smyths, Hobbycraft & Amazon

Sea Monkeys Ocean Treasure Tank

Get front row seats to the Sea-Monkeys light show with the Ocean Treasure tank! With an amazing LED colour-changing treasure chest feature, you can watch your Sea-Monkeys swim and dance in the lights day and night! Choose from a blue or pink tank! Includes: 1 x Water Purifier, 1 x Sea Monkeys eggs, 1 x Food Pouch, 1 x Feeding Spoon. For ages 6+
RRP: £20.00
Stockists: Very, Hamleys & Amazon

Miraculous Ladybug Scooter & Doll

Race around Paris with Miraculous Ladybug on her Switch ‘N’ Go Scooter. This transforming scooter also includes a fully articulated 26cm Ladybug Fashion Doll. Ladybug is wearing her Lucky Charm outfit and has her very own signature helmet for when she is riding her scooter. With the simple press of a button transform her Ladybug Yoyo into her Scooter! Push, transform and go.
RRP: £40.00
Stockists: Smyths, Argos, Very & Amazon

Treasure X Robots Gold Mega Treasure Bot

Discover the future of Robots when you search for Guaranteed REAL Gold Dipped Treasure. Take on 25 levels of adventure as you Repair, Rebuild and Power Up this amazing Mega Treasure Bot. Smash through the Robot’s rust and use the tools to explore all his features and discover your Exclusive GoldCrown Treasure Bot. Re-fuel your Robot with Robo Ooze. Activate the Robot’s Weapon and help him crush the Crate to find your REAL Gold Dipped Power Core, Connect his Power Core to activate over 40 Lights and Sounds.
RRP: £39.99
Stockists: Very, B&M, Argos & Smyths

ReCyclings Pencil Toppers 4 Pack

Make plastic fantastic with a Recyclings 4 Pack! Expand your Recyclings collection as you open up your pack and discover a 4 super-cute Recyclings figures inspired by food, drink, tech, seasons and so much more! Every single Recyclings saves 5 bottle caps from landfill *average based on weight, and the packaging is 100% recycled too. Collect them all with over 90+ Recyclings to unbox. Will you find the Limited-Edition Showing Star?
RRP: £4.99
Stockists: Game & Smyths

The Den Kit Company Cottage Garden Den Kit

Surround yourself with the charm and vibrancy of a cottage garden in summertime. Use your skill and ingenuity to create a perfectly purple shelter, adorn it with the natural hues of your cotton bunting and gaze at the world through your kaleidoscope to see colours as vivid as your own imagination. Offering every child an outdoor experience whatever the weather, the whimsical Cottage Garden Den Kit was lovingly designed to capture creative imaginations, encourage resourcefulness and innovation, provide escape and sanctuary, and most of all supply hours and hours of simple fun. For boys and girls, for everywhere and for years to come – made for adventure.
RRP: £45.00

Sky Dancers Flying Dolls


Watch the skyline, it’s magic time! A flutter, a flurry, a sparkle of light, watch as the beautiful Sky Dancers are taking flight. With a wide variety to choose from, each Sky Dancer can dance, glide and fly through the sky. Great fun for the kids!
RRP: £20.99
Stockists: Argos & Smyths

BFF Doll by Cry Babies

Say hello to the BFF dolls! They are 13 years old and go on lots of adventures around campus using their magical necklaces. All the BFF dolls love fashion and follow the current trends. They are wearing cool, colourful and changeable outfits and come with 7 accessories: 2 pieces of clothing, a bag, a headband or hat, a pair of matching shoes with a pair of socks and their magic necklace! Turn the cubes on the packaging to change the pose of your BFF doll, lift your doll out of the tube and open the pack to discover her amazing wardrobe with lots of storage for your BFF’s accessories. Dress her up for the day, ready for adventures with her best friends.
RRP: £22.00
Stockists: Argos, Tesco, Very & Smyths

National Geographic Explorer Science Series Sensory Science Kit

This National Geographic sensory kit features awesome slimes, putty, and play sand! You get one pound of natural play sand, 6 sand moulds and a convenient play tray. What’s more, it won’t dry out, meaning there’s no end to the amount of imaginative fun you can have.Hydrophobic sand comes in the kit too; amazing for conducting experiments with since it never gets wet! The snotty slime and liquid slime come pre-made, so are ready to play right out of the box. The textural differences between the two are astounding! You’ll also receive colour-changing putty, which is specially formulated to change colours when warmed or cooled. The easy-to-follow instructions also include several slime recipes you can make at home with common household items. The Sensory Science Kit is great for families that like to play together, and the detailed learning guide provides insight into the science at work in the kit.
RRP: £25.00
Stockists: Very & John Lewis

Xootz Sketch Ya Deck Skateboard

Let your kids create their own style with the Xootz colour in complete beginner’s skateboard. The shorter 28″ flat deck made of durable 9-ply maple provides a sturdy platform for beginners to learn on and master the basics of skating and is completed with stylish lightweight 5″ black plastic trucks. The customisable skateboard features a fun colour in design on the bottom so that your little ones can get creative and make their board truly unique to them. All Xootz skateboards come fully assembled so you won’t have to worry about putting it together. Just unwrap, jump on and start skating.
RRP: £32.99

Xootz Quad Skates

Looking for the most affordable beginner skate around? The Xootz Quad Skates offers both performance and value, and are ideal for juniors who want to try out this exciting sport. Featuring an adjustable touch and close fastener, they are perfect for growing feet. Providing plenty of ankle support thanks to the super comfortable padded boot, the Xootz Quad Skates are great for new riders who will take some tumbles! Finished in a cool blue and black OR pink and black design, little ones will love getting to grips with their brand new skates.
RRP: £34.99

Barbie Sewing Machine & Doll

Barbie’s Fashion Sew & Style Machine is a creative and fun way to discover your inner fashion designer. Before you get started you can personalise your sewing machine using the stickers included in the box. The using the pattern pieces also included inside the box, you can create a variety of outfits and accessories for your new Barbie. Just choose from the selection of fabrics provided and you’re ready to create your own Barbie design. The machine comes fully equipped with 2 speeds, a foot pedal, a thread cutter and a built in sewing light – giving you everything you need to make your sewing experience a fun and creative one. Once you’ve sewn your creation, you can cut out the Barbie Runway, feature on the back of the box, and have your own fashion show to display all the designs you have made. This easy to store Machine can then be placed back in its original box, or left on display as a feature within your room.
RRP: £34.99
Stockists: Very, The Works & Aldi

Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Triple Strike Tag Team Arena

Enter the Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Triple Strike Tag Team Arena and build your Ultimate Akedo Warrior Team! This is Next Level Elemental Battling Action! These special Triple Tag Controllers allows you to switch Warriors mid battle. Tag in and out of the fight and beat your opponents! If you think you’re fighting a losing battle, Tag In your next warrior and snatch victory from Defeat! Challenge your friends in this action packed Arena which comes with 2 Exclusive Warriors. As you fight it out, hear over 40 real battle Sound Effects blast out. When you hit a Split Strike, press your Split Strike button and see the Scoreboard light up to record your win! Defeat all three warriors on the opposing team & you’ll achieve the Ultimate Split Strike. The Triple Strike Tag Team Arena works with all Akedo Warriors so you can put on your very own Akedo tournament.
RRP: £49.99
Stockists: Argos, Amazon, Very & Smyths

Super Mario Adventure Game DX

Exciting action maze designed and inspired by the world of Super Mario! Carefully deliver your playing marble using the 3 buttons and 2 revolving wheels going through the 7 tricky zones to reach the goal! Lots of gimicks and movements without battery operated. Great choice for birthday and holiday gifts! For 1 player at a time. You can upgrade the play value by simply switching the character plate to any of the figures from LINK SYSTEM games (sold separately)!
RRP: £29.99
Stockists: Game, Hamleys, Very & Smyths

Treasure X Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Ender Dragon

Bring your Minecraft adventure to life as you hunt for Diamond Steve, Battle the Ender Dragon and mine for real Gold Dipped Treasure with Treasure X Minecraft Caves & Cliffs – Ender Dragon! Take on 20 levels of fun as you trigger the End Portal and go into the End through the Ender Ooze! Break through the Crackle with your Pickaxe! Uncover Diamond Steve in the Ender Sand and find the Dragon Egg Treasure! Will you find real Gold Dipped Treasure?
RRP: £29.99
Stockists: Argos, Very & Smyths

Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

Real Magic Returns when you cast your spell and create a fortune telling pet inside the Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball. Use your light up, interactive wand to cast spells and be amazed as your Mixie appears from the mist. Then, use your magic wand to perform spells, play a game and have your fortune told by your Mixie. Repeat the reveal again and again or use your Magical Crystal Ball as a Night-Light. Who will you magically create? Your interactive light up wand reacts with your Crystal Ball and your Magic Mixie. Watch as REAL Magic happens with the wave your Wand. Perform each step of the Creation Spell to summon the magic mist, give your Mixie its voice and color, then teach it how to tell fortunes. You’ll be amazed as your Mixie magically appears through the mist. Your Mixie is full of magic and wants to share it with you. Perform different spells, play an interactive fun game together and have your fortune told. Your Wand, Crystal Ball and Magic Mixie have over 80 lights, sounds and reactions.
RRP: £84.99
Stockists: Argos, Boots, Very & Smyths

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