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Most Wanted Christmas Gifts For Children 2014

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 24/11/2014

This Christmas, the boy will be 5 months old, which makes it tricky to know what  gifts to get him. So tricky in fact that I took it upon myself to compile a list of the best baby gifts for Christmas.However, along the way to creating this list I came across some amazing presents that I simply can’t wait to buy for the boy. This in turn compelled to write another list showing my favourite Christmas gifts for children. Below you’ll find some gifts that I am so excited to buy for him.

 Tour De France pedal Free kids bike



RRP £34.99 (Currently) 

There is nothing more exciting for me than the thought of buying the boy his first bike. These pedal free bikes have really caught on and are fast becoming very popular. In my opinion, they help develop balance at the very least. Let’s get our kids out on bikes ASAP.

Buy it here


Bop it Beats

Bop it



Bopit took the world by storm a few years ago. Children loved the fast paced, musical and interactive nature of the game and it has been a hugely popular family game ever since. This new version however, combines the traditional game with your favourite songs from your favourite artists! What a good idea!

Buy it here

Famous 5 Reading Books

Famous 5

RRP From £5.99 (ish) 

Every child needs to get at least 1 book for Christmas. The love and joy of real books is being lost with our children (speaking from a teacher’s point of view) and so I will certainly be buying the boy various books throughout his childhood. Famous 5 were some of my favourites growing up so it seems a good place to start!

Buy some here

Lego Movie – Emmet’s Construct-O-Mech



RRP £49.71

Lego is one of those timeless wonders that bridges across the ages. I was never one for creating without the instructions, but give a set of instructions and I was on to a winner. The Lego movie has been a Hollywood success and so this year the Lego models from the film are highly popular. I’m looking forward to wasting away Sunday afternoons making Lego models.

Buy it here

Wallpops Self Adhesive Kids World Map

World map


RRP £15

I was walking past a house recently and saw a world map on the wall. I thought it’d be great to have in the boy’s room. A great feature for the wall but also encourages geographical thinking. The conversations, games, thinking, exploration, jokes, dreams and laughter that could stem from a simple wall map are enormous.

Buy it here

Mitre Malmo Training Football



RRP From £6.26

If he’s going to play for Arsenal, I’d better teach him all I know early on. I can’t wait for the days when we can kick a ball around in the garden or head up to the park for a kick about.

Buy one here

Avengers Figures – Spiderman, Wolverine etc



RRP £12.99

I’m not sure this needs explaining! Superheroes! Action! Marvel! Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without some sort of superhero making an appearance.

Buy them here

Timex T781414E Camouflage Watch



RRP £13.99

I’d rather get the boy an analogue watch before he gets some sort of gadget device in his hand and the need to tell the time on an analogue face passes! Life skills are being made redundant by hand held devices… but not for this boy! A watch is a great present though. It doesn’t have to be a camouflage one, but I thought this would be cool…

Buy it here

Minecraft Figures



RRP From £4.99

Minecraft… what can I say! I can’t wait for the day when the boy comes home from school asking to get involved in the latest craze. In my day is was Pokemon, then Yoyo’s, then Pogs and for today’s children, it’s Minecraft.

Buy some here

NERF Gun – Rampage



RRP £23.97

Some friends of ours bought 2 of these NERF guns recently and have such fun shooting each other. There aren’t many more appropriate father / son activities!

Buy one here

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife



RRP £10

I remember when my dad bought me my first penknife. He took me and my brother into the woods to whittle some sticks. My dad still uses the stick he made that day when he’s out walking 20 years on! This was a momentous day for me and will be for my son too. (Actually, my dad bought me a knife last Christmas too!)

Buy one here

Horrible Science Explosive Experiments


RRP £14.28

Surely there’s nothing better than having a present on Christmas day that you can open and enjoy immediately. A box of ‘Explosive Experiments’ is right up any boys street as well as providing some sort of educational aspect too. These activities lend themselves to parental involvement and I can’t wait to get stuck in to something like this with the boy.

Buy it here

So there you have it! A great ideas list of gifts for kids. I’m sure that your children will be over the moon with this selection of gifts to unwrap come Christmas morning.


*Please note that prices are in £ and accurate at the time of publishing.

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