Christmas has come early! WIN a set of letters from Santa & his Elves to your kids!

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Hello to everyone in The Dad Network from the International Elf Service! We have a really lovely giveaway to spark your children’s imaginations: A set of 24 gorgeous personalised and dated letters from Elfie, one of the Elves in the North Pole, for your children to open every day of December in the lead up to Christmas.

The Magical Wind Machine is being oiled and serviced as I type, ready for when all the letters to Father Christmas start to whoosh in! There’s more going on at the North Pole than toy production and present wrapping. Have you ever wondered what adventures the elves get up to on the lead up to Christmas when they’re not in the workshop?

For families who are visited by Father Christmas, Elfie’s Christmas Letters make a really lovely alternative to an advent calendar. It really is so much fun to watch the kids faces light up as they find their letters and hear all the news in the North Pole as it unfolds in real time…!


Elfie’s borrowed Father Christmas’ computer and some special paper to tell children what’s going on in the North Pole as they prepare for the Big Delivery on Christmas Eve – every day, as it actually happens!

This year Mother Christmas has a VERY exciting surprise for all the elves, Marty’s as mischievous as ever and one of the delivery elves finds something, or rather someONE in the snow. We hear about the Cinnamon Mine, the Magical Wind Machine, the Elves’ bedroom and what happens when Elves have too much sugar, or use an old batch of Fairy Dust!



You will also receive a map of the North Pole Village and a Certificate from the Postmaster General, personalised with all your children’s names.


What does one lucky winner receive?

Elfie will send you a sturdy box secured with gorgeous candy cane cord containing:

  • 24 dated, personalised letters, lovingly illustrated and complete with ink splodges, marks and smudges. Each letter will have all the names of all the children that you requested.
  • A map that Elfie has drawn of the village in the North Pole.
  • A certificate from the Postmaster General.
  • 24 envelopes with all the children’s names

* We can also address the letters to your elf too if you have one and would like them to be included!


The letters haven’t been put in their envelopes to make it easier for parents to check for any mistakes and so you can read them first too! For more information on Elfie’s Christmas Letters, please pop into our Shop.

These gorgeous and FUN letters will really help make the lead up to Christmas EVEN more exciting!

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***If you’re on a mobile and can’t seem to enter: press and hold where it says ‘Enter to Win’, let go and then select ‘open in a second tab’ and you should then be able to enter :)***
Come and join the International Elf Service on Facebook and over on Christmas Traditions & Magic For Children. The Shop is ready for Christmas 2015, so come and have a rummage!


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  1. Helen

    I remember sending notes to Santa. So cute.

    This is a totally cool site I am sure you would like as Dad’s love toys and cars!


  2. jessica woods

    Thank you fingers crossed x

  3. lindsay chadburn

    amazig prize would love to win

  4. Anna Redman

    Amazing and magical idea! :-) xx

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