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Christmas Presents for Dads

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 20/11/2014

I’m sure we’ve all been there; Christmas day, unwrapping a present and realising that you’re going to need to put on your best, “oh, that’s good” smile and offer thanks to the giver for being so thoughtful. Toblerone is what we always get my dad. We think he likes it a lot, but in fact, I’ve never actually asked him! Mind you, whenever I have asked him what he wants, he always says, “I don’t need anything for Christmas.”

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for and now I’m one of them! We don’t like socks, we don’t want chocolate and we certainly don’t want gimmicky joke things you find by the cash registers! I’ve even compiled 3 golden rules for buying presents for dads:

#1 We don’t really like gimmicks.

#2 We like things with a genuine use…

#3 Quality not quantity. I’d rather 1 high quality gift than 20 low quality.

So, this is the official Dad Network’s list of the best Christmas presents for dads. (I’m also hoping my wife reads it and gets some ideas….)

LED Walnut Cube Alarm Clock


Alarm cliock


I stumbled across this and thought, as far as alarm clocks go, this one is pretty nice. I like wood, I need to have an alarm, I like cubes… what better gift! A nice Christmas present for dads.

Buy it here

Chefs Apron



It’s becoming the norm that men and dads are cooking more and more. Long gone are the stereotypical dads who are weighted on hand and foot by their beloved and dads are taking control in the kitchen. An apron is a great gift for dads and there’s loads to choose from. (It doesn’t need to be novelty.)

Shop here




BBQ’s are a dad’s best friend. There’s something about them that attracts us. Even if we don’t usually cook, if it’s on a BBQ, we’ll be there in force! This BBQ is cast iron and a very reasonable price, but there’s so many BBQ accessories, recipe books, utensils etc that a lot of dads would really like.

BBQ shop here

Personalised Cufflinks



Cufflinks are a great gift for dads. So many dads use them every single day, so they’ll get good use and we like presents that have a use! Why not get them personalised too? These ones have mother of pearl in them…which is a nice (unnecessary) touch.

Shop here

Dressing Gown

Dressing gown


I think that a dressing gown is a fantastic present for dads. I don’t mean a cheap fleece one though. I mean, a proper dressing gown that will last a long time. At first thought, a lot of dads will turn their nose up but once they enter the world of night time gowns, they’ll thank you! It wouldn’t have to be this expensive, it’s just a nice one I found. But use the link below to browse a few different ones if you like.

Browse here

Large Duffle Bag



This has to be one of my favorites. Every man will love a good quality duffle bag for his various travels. Even a small one for overnight stays. Make sure it’s good quality though!

Click here to shop

Knife Block



If the dad you have in mind is culinary minded a good set of knives will go down a treat. There’s something about sharp objects that appeals to dads and when combined with the kitchen, a knife block is up there with the best of presents.

Have a look here




Never mind a dog, a Leatherman is a mans best friend! With this in his pocket, he’ll be able to conquer the world and he’ll have a smile doing it. All those little jobs around the house that need doing, he’ll now be able to say, “ooo, yes, I have just the thing for that.” They have a great range of varying sizes, but to be honest, any of them will make a man happy!

Here’s one we recommend




Combine this with a Leatherman and you’ll have earned brownie points for life! You will always be able to rfer to the year you bought him a Leatherman AND Maglite! A dad present through and through. He’ll keep it by the bed for those emergencies…

Grab one here

A Man Tine

Man Tin


You know… a man tin! To keep all his man things in like… screws, dead batteries, old TV remotes, instructions for the kettle that broke 3 years ago, mini screwdrivers, a phone charger from a Nokia 3210 and all the other really important stuff. It’s a dads essential!

Get one here

A Onsie


From £10.99 (Ish)

A onsie… he’ll love it… seriously! When I first put one on, I felt like a schmuk… now, I rarely take it off in the evening.

Here’s a selection

Personalised Whisky Glass


From £5.99 upwards

I think this is a really lovely present to buy a man. We all like to think of ourselves as a Lord and we’ll just pop to our drinks cabinet to pour a glass of scotch on the rocks of an evening… or is that just me? Either way, if dad likes a wee drink in the evening, he’ll love it even more now.

Have a look here

So there you go… a helpful guide filled with ideas of Christmas gifts and presents for dads. It’s a fairly universal list so whether your a mum buying for your partner, or a dad buying for your dad or any other variation, most of these present ideas will be a success.

Remember, quality is better than quantity!

*Prices were accurate at the time this was written

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  1. Maria

    Great post – has given me some ideas for hubby – I never know what to buy him!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you! Let us know if he does like our ideas…!

  2. MummyandMonkeys

    Great post! Thanks for the ideas :)

    • Al Ferguson

      You’re welcome! Enjoy!

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