The Dad Network Christmas Toy Gift Guide – 16 gifts for 2016

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So the first Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide – whose job is it in your house to buy the Christmas presents?

We, Dads, get a bit of bad rap for leaving the shopping until Christmas Eve so the Dad Network Christmas Toy Gift Guide is here to make life easier.

Here is a selection of gifts, some new, some classic, that have impressed over the last year and which I hope will appeal.

1. Trading cards (from £1)

If your kids trade cards, then check out the brilliant Topps website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Trading cards make excellent stocking fillers and they start at £1.

Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide Topps


2. Star Wars Keyrings (£7)

Kids love key rings.

Did you know the largest collection consists of key rings is 41,418 by a guy in the USA – WTF!

If you want just one key ring this Christmas, these Lego keyrings have a hand torch in the foot and kids love them for their school bags.

dad network recommend star wars


3. The Fox and the Ghost, by Michael Morpurgo (£7)

This was the year of the underdog, …or the fox!

Leicester City won the Premiership, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, Ireland beat the All Blacks, Team GB came second in the Olympics, Andy Murray became world No. 1 at tennis.

Brilliantly adapted for kids, read how the impossible dream came true for a Midlands football team in Michael Morpurgo’s latest book.

Adults will like it too, maybe Arsenal fans too?

Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide The Fox and Ghost King

4. Hape Tap and Pound (£30)

For babies, Hape is shaking up the wooden toy market with some of the most innovative and interactive wooden toys yet.  Superior quality than a lot of cheaper brands, Hape toys captures little imaginations brilliantly.

Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide


5. Festive Santa Nanoblock (£7)

Explore the world with the amazing Nanoblock series.

Test your fine motor skills building Nanoblock landmarks such as Buckingham Palace or the Sydney Opera House.

Because this is the Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide, how about a Nanoblock Christmas Santa – Yo Ho Ho!

dad network santa


6. Football advent calendar  (£20)

It is time for the advent calendars.  How about a football advent calendar?

Which team is Christmas day?

It’s got to be Hull City, right???

Dd Network advent calendar

7. Waba Magic Sand  (£16)

I’ve read the Dad Network chat forums.

Magic sand divides the dads.  Love it, or hate it?  Does it leave a mess or is it ingenious?

Sand can be messy and difficult to tidy up, but Waba Kinetic Sand is fluid enough to play with, yet sticky enough to pick up off the floor without leaving a mess.

I think it is ingenious – love it!

Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide

8. The science museum solar system

This was the year Tim Peake went to the space station, so it is only fitting we mention the incredible Science Museum shop online.  There is so much to choose from.

Check out this solar system and planetarium for your budding astronaut.

Science Museum Solar System and Planetarium

9. Pie Face (£15)

Have you taken the Pie Face challenge yet?

This game comes with instructions, but I think it is fairly self-explanatory.

Great for kids, parents… how about grandma?


10. Jenga (£10)

A classic game.

More than 2.7 billion Jenga blocks have been sold worldwide since the game was developed.

I have included Jenga in the Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide because it is a great game for the whole family to enjoy.

If you are looking to entertain the family this Christmas, Jenga can be enjoyed after Christmas dinner.

dad network recommend jenga


The Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide loves… bugs!

11. Insectlore – stick insect collectors kit (£20)

Looking for a pet?

You don’t have space for a dog and maybe you think goldfish are too dull.  Have you considered a stick insect?!

The ultimate pet.  You don’t need to walk them, they are potty trained and kids love bugs.

Insect lore is the leading retailer of bugs and insects.  Insect Lore is a real find if you like creepy crawlies, bugs, and insects.

Check them out!



12. Little Sport Star Baby Activity Gym (RRP £60)

My wife and I started Little Sport Star four years ago when my daughter was born.  We are now sold in major stores across the USA and the UK.

It’s simple – fun educational toys for babies with sporty parents.

Here is our football activity gym.

Little Sport Star toys

We also make tennis and golf toys too.

I hope you like them too.

Why does the Dad Network Gift Guide love…

13. Star Wars Lego

(Prices vary – from £2.50 to £300)

Lego provides the ultimate dad movie moment – “I am your father” so it is only fitting to include Lego Star Wars in the Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide.

dads love star wars


14. Micro scooters

Next year is the 200 year anniversary of the scooter so they get an honorable mention in the Dads Network Christmas Gift Guide.

They were invented in Germany in 1817.  That’s 200 years of kids tearing up the pavements and having fun.

Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide recommend scooters


15. Remote control cars

This Christmas, teach mum how to reverse?!

You know you want one, the real question is how big and how fast do you want your car to go?!

Check the biggest collection of remote control cars and drones that I could find at Wheel Spin.

Dad Network Christmas Gift Guide remote control cars

16. Shopkins

Dads – who gets Shopkins?!

If you don’t know what they are, where have you been this year?

For fathers of little girls, Shopkins are a super shopping sensation that dads struggle to understand, but little girls love.

dad network


Happy shopping.



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