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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 21/03/2014

So, the wife did a bit of shopping today for Rex and when she got back we thought that we should really keep track of this. Therefore we made a list. Quite the organised parents eh? Despite there being a large pile of clothes, it seems we still have some gaps in his wardrobe though. Plain white baby grows, vests and new born socks for a start. 
In an earlier post, I included a list of things needed for a new baby. What that list failed to include was the necessity in a lesson in what matches what! The wife just said to me that we need to make sure we know what goes with what! Does she know I’m a man! He’ll be relatively lucky if his clothes are on the right way round with the buttons done up in the right order. Colour matching? 
Here’s the outfit she has just demonstrated with. I must hand it to her, it does look gorgeous. We were saying that we can vividly imagine him wearing it already. This just made me super excited. (As if I wasn’t before!) 
And here’s our list so far of the items we’ve gathered. 
As we were doing this, we were saying that if you start in good time, you can pick great quality clothes quite cheap. In fact cheaper than a lot of the large chains. For example, the cardigan on the outfit above was £1 and the baby grow was £3 from gap. It is worth starting early and looking around. You’ll never realise what bargains you can pick up. Now all we need is some furniture to put it all in!!! 

Don't miss a thing

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