Wimbledon & South West London

Wimbledon & South West London

Hi, this is just like the big group with a local twist. Share what you love doing with your little one in the local area. Add the cheap deals you’ve spotted, the great little spots and anything else. One thing, no self-promo’s, if in doubt drop the admin’s a line and please read the pinned post.

We welcome all dads and dads-to-be to join.
The Dad Network is a closed community for all dads to talk, ask and give advice to each other privately.

Marketing, self promotional, crowd sourcing and disrespectful posts will be removed.


This is the local group for Wimbledon & South West London. If you are not already a member of the main group, please also join https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheDadNetwork/

The Dad Network
The Dad Network aims to promote and encourage the role of fathers within family life. Come and join us on the hilarious and exhilarating journey of dadhood

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