Welcome, everyone, to the Edinburgh Dad Network local meet up group. If you are unaware (of course you’re not, but just incase) of The Dad Network, then this link below will take you to the official Facebook page, where you’ll find lots of excellent chat and support concerning parenthood (of all ages and experience) from both sides of the role. Join up and dig in;


This next link will take you to The Dad Network closed group, where it’s a much more private affair. A dads only place to vent, ask more personal advice on things and let off some steam without risk of your other half or non-members contributing to your conversation. A great place for support should you need it, or even just a laugh when you’re cracking up at 3am during another early morning screaming match. Check it out here;


And, now to this group. As the title suggests it’s a localised group specifically for the dads in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. At the moment we only have two groups representing Scotland: Glasgow and ourselves. Iain, the admin for the Glasgow group (and also and admin here) covers the west coast, and as well as Edinburgh we’ll be covering the Lothians and Fife here until there are large enough numbers for those groups to potentially split off into separate areas.

Just like the main Network, this is a place to support, advise and help other dads in all aspects of parenting, it’s just more focused on Central Scotland. Hopefully we’ll have our first face-to-face meet up in January/February all going well, which you can attend, or not. It’s entirely up to yourselves. It’ll be one of many opportunities to put faces to names and to enjoy the craic with.

Please share this page with all the fathers you know on Facebook and we’ll try to build the group up together. The more members we have, the stronger the Network becomes and the better it serves its purpose.

Give me a shout if you have any questions. Right. Steam in!

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