South Bay, CA

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The Dad Network started in Europe and has made it’s way all over the world. It is a place for dads to help other dads. There are no judgments here, no topic is off limits as long as a level of respect is kept. This is also a closed group so no one outside of the group can see what is posted, this is a safe zone. The group has brand new dads and dads with a bit more experience, this is on purpose! For the new dads, the experienced dads can answer any question you may have. For the experienced dads that have kids out of the house, live vicariously through the life of these young dads! (Without the poopy diapers of course!)

This is the local group to the South Bay. I want to plan get togethers, both with the children and without! Local pubs, shows, Great American, and the rest! Feel free to suggest anywhere you may want to meet up!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or one of the other admins in the group! We are all here to help dads come together!

Post / Zip Code: 90278
State: California
Country: USA
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