Contented Parents

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As parents we’ve been feeling rather odd.
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We’ve been discussing the preparations frequently, things like:

What nursery furniture?
What name?
What middle name?
Nursery themes?
What buggy?
What moses basket?
Which high Chair?


And whilst these are all important and do need answers, we really don’t care. Once we realised that this was how felt, it started to concern us.

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Do we not care because we don’t love this baby? In actual fact though, it’s quite the opposite. We are so happy and contented, that all of these details feel quite insignificant.

After the experience of the miscarriage and being so madly in love, all we want is a healthy baby and that’s what we’ve got. Designer prams, expensive furniture and creative nursery designs don’t really matter to us.

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Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that we’re not going to use all of these things to get excited about and I am certainly not passing judgement on people that spend hours choosing the perfect things for them.

What I am saying is that we are so content with just having our little Rex on the way, that anything else doesn’t matter. Yes, nice buggies are cool and I want him to have a name that we both like, but not at all cost and I certainly won’t be stressing and losing sleep over any of it. Why? Because at the end of it all, I have a beautiful, healthy little baby boy on the way. The wife said that she feels like having this mindset is real evidence of her being in the right place to have a baby and I am catching her up quickly.
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We feel like we are Gina Ford’s, ‘Contented Little Parents.’


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