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Cozy n Safe Merlin car seat review

Car seat

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I was recently lucky enough to receive a new car seat to try out. This car seat is from Cozy n Safe and called the Merlin. This seat is a Group 0+/1 car seat (Birth-18Kg). This rotating seat allows easier access and can also be used rear facing up to around 4 years of age.

When I first brought it home, my wife was unsure about giving it a go simply because she’s so happy with our current one. Having said that, the main advantage with this car seat is the swivel action, which genuinely makes life so much easier!


Before putting the car seat in the car, I realised that the seat and base were one. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way for the seat to come away from the base unit. As much as this is a great feature (less chance of it coming loose), it did make putting the seat in more complicated. Simply because it makes it difficult to connect the Isofix with a massive seat in your face.

Our current car seat beeps to tell you if one of the three stages (Isofix base, support leg, and car seat) are not in place securely. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the Cozy n Safe Merlin. However, it does have a small slider which turns green to confirm each stage is connected securely, which is fine. The IsoFix green indicator is a bit difficult to spot, though, as you can see in the pictures below.

Putting Chase in the seat for the first time was pretty easy. The car seat spins easily with one hand, however, the buckle sits quite flat and it was, therefore, a bit of a challenge to pull it from under him. One other thing that I’m not completely sure I’m comfortable with is the fact that he can easily reach the button that loosens the straps. Now, he would also need to pull both straps at the same time, but in my opinion, with body weight as he gets older and more intelligent, I personally feel that this may be possible for him to do so. Chase is only 1 at the moment, and therefore, my other issue is the foot board. In a rear facing position, his feet already touch this meaning he would not be able to remain rear facing up to the suggested 4 years.

This car seat comes in at around £249.99 RRP. That makes it one of the cheaper options on the market when swivel car seats are concerned. What people don’t always remember is that all car seats in the UK have to pass the same tests, so they’re all perfectly good enough to keep our little ones safe. What the Cozy n Safe Merlin offers is a far more affordable option to those parents on a tight budget. With all cars seats, there are things we will like and dislike, but for the money you pay for this, having the swivel aspect is a great bonus. Of course, there are considerations, perhaps more than other car seats out there, but this car seat is great for the price point.

Overall Opinion

Unfortunately, we have switched back to our old car seat. However, this is simply because Chase did not seem overly happy in this one. He was quite fidgety and restless and after half an hour became upset. Now, this may well have just been an off day for him, or it could be because he knows his car seat and is comfortable with it, there’s no real knowing. As such, we have switched back to his old car seat.

This would be a great car seat for new parents who haven’t got the bigger budget. The reason I found a number of considerations is because of the different car seat that we currently use and are extremely happy with. If I were to conduct a direct comparison, our current car seat would come out on top but standing on its own, the Cozy n Safe Merlin performs perfectly well.


The Cozy n Safe Merlin receives an official start rating of 4 out of 5 stars



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