Crafty Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is the 11th March this year and is a day that any Mum looks forward to. A day to be recognised as a Mother, a damn good Mother. A day where she would look forward to a present from her beautiful babies.

Babies are probably too young to organise themselves to get a present for Mummy. So this important task falls to Daddy. Woe betide any Daddy who has forgotten and left Mummy to wake up feeling a little under appreciated.

But It doesn’t have to cost the earth or be tremendously difficult to make a Mummy feel loved. What says “I love you” more than a handmade creation from her children?

It shows thought has gone into it, preparation and above all love.

Here are some simple Crafty ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts.

1. Salt Dough Art

Salt Dough is not for the faint hearted, it can be messy, but for tiny little babies it’s a perfect craft. A simple Salt Dough recipe is I cup of flour, ½ cup of Salt and ½ cup of water. It can then be made into the loveliest things. Make tiny foot and hand imprints of their babies. Make them even cuter by cutting the dough into heart shapes first with a cutter. Then place the baby’s foot in the middle. For older children they can cut out animal shapes or letters and then go mad with the paint, glue and glitter. Don’t forgot to put a hole into each design, so it can have a ribbon tied on it when finished.

2. Jewellery is a Mum’s Best Friend

This is not just for little girls to make for their Mothers, boys love this craft too. Head down to Hobbycraft or any local craft store, clear them out of string and beads in Mummy’s favourite colours and let them make her a bracelet or necklace. They may need help cutting the string and tying the creations together. For older children there are kits you can buy, for not very much, in the art of Friendship Bracelet making or even plaster cast jewellery making. Pom-poms also add a bit of texture and look great sewn onto ribbon to be worn. Or do it on the cheap with pasta shapes and buttons, there’s not a lot you can’t achieve without a bit of string and a bit of glitter.

3. Box Clever

To keep all this fabulous jewellery together you can make and decorate a jewellery or keepsake box. You can buy paper and even wooden ones from the mecca of craft which is Hobbycraft. Or I’m pretty sure you can buy these from Ebay or other online craft stores if you do your research. Get the kids to paint these with their fingers, brushes or even their feet. Get them to choose their favourite colours and add sparkly bits and sequins. For older children you could indulge in a touch of decoupage which is a paper craft. Decoupage packs can also be bought and glued on using PVA. For a more 3D Collage effect cut up old wrapping paper, fabric, greeting cards or even tin foil and cover the boxes that way.

4. Say it with a Card

A handmade card can be a lovely thing for Mother’s Day. Try printing baby’s feet in a V shape and writing L, O and E around it. Or print them as a heart shape for an ‘I love you Mum’ card.  Paint your child’s hand in some green paint, splay it out and get them to make flowers using their fingers and thumbs. Voila a flower in a pot card just like the one below I found on Pinterest. A simple design is to draw a moon on a piece of card. Stamp babies hand in the centre in PVA glue, then sprinkle with glitter and write ‘Love you to the Moon and Back’.  Sometimes the simplest card is the best. Ask your children to draw a picture of Mummy or some flowers in felt tips or paints. Add glitter, you can’t go wrong with glitter.

5. Flower Arranging

If you aren’t feeling particularly Arts and Crafty a great one for a Mum who loves flowers is to get a bunch of flowers. But not just a generic bunch from the supermarket. Visit an independent florist, set a budget for the flowers and get the kids to choose the flowers. They could pick Mum’s favourite and it could be a really heartfelt gesture. An idea on a similar line is to go down to the Garden Centre, pick out a pot and get the kids to pick the plants to go in the pot. They would look great out on the patio and the kids can get their hands dirty planting the flowers. Why not try painting the flower pots so they are more original. A gorgeous gift for a green fingered Mum

6. Picture Perfect

Perfect for the Dad who has just run out of time or is a bit scared of all the mess. Go online and add a photo to a mug, a phone cover, a cushion or blow it up onto a canvas. Get the kids involved by asking them to pick a favourite picture of Mummy, and then get it printed. On Mother’s Day make her Breakfast in Bed and put her morning coffee or tea into her new personalised mug. Destined to make her smile on her special day!


These are just some creative ideas to get you started. Once you venture into the world of crafts with kids there is no going back. I hope this helps deliver some inspiration for some presents for Mother’s Day. Just think of the smile on Mum’s face on the day.

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