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Let me paint a picture: 

The heating’s been on making the house warm and cosy whilst the rain and wind storms rattle around outside. Dinner is in the oven and the smell is wafting through to the lounge as we sit, snugged on the sofa. You could describe it as, just settling in for the evening, after a long, hard day at work. 

The wife suddenly pipes up, “I think the only thing I could possibly eat is a subway sandwich. You know how I like it don’t you Al? The whole grain bread, toasted twice, with lettuce, cucumber, peppers, sweetcorn, gurkins, jalapeños and ranch sauce.” 

“Er…. Yep. Is that all darling?” I foolishly asked. 

“Oh, well, now that you mention it, I could have a large fries from macdonalds to go with it. With sweet n sour dip please.” 

It’s utterly extraordinary that under any other circumstance in life, this would be totally unacceptable, yet, when a pregnant women says it and puts it down to ‘cravings’ it’s absolutely fine! 

So… The dinner in the oven was disregarded and out I went to satisfy my wife’s cravings. 40 minutes later she was tucking in with a large smile. Now, having ranted about it, (primarily to create dramatic effect), and although it’s an odd craving, a specific craving and a slightly frustrating one (having to leave the house to go to 2 different shops), I really do think that I would go anywhere to get anything if it meant satisfying a craving. 

I bet that most dads have a story or 2 to tell about their partners cravings during pregnancy. This is mine. So far… I’m predicting many more to come. 

Don't miss a thing

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