How to Create the Perfect Playdate for your children

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  1. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Brilliant post. Is it really bad that I have never arranged a playdate in Zach’s 4 years on the planet?! I mean he goes to nursery (since he was 1) and makes friends wherever he goes but I’ve never invited friends round. Of course he’s off to school in September so this is probably all about to change!

  2. Kay

    I do love a good playdate, it’s a time when I’m actually not asked a million and one questions, hurrah!! Separate note, love the dinosaur play table! My son would love this. Any tips on what to use? x

  3. Alyssa

    Great post. We have a spontaneous play date today. It basically consisted of chucking them in the garden with all the garden toys.

  4. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    This is the kinda play date I always imagined my children having before I actually had children! Now a play date means my friends coming round (with their children) so I can have some adult interaction haha! ox

  5. Mrs H

    Brilliant post. Although I am in awe of how much preparation you do for a play date. We are always hosting play dates as Little Miss H loves seeing her friends. But i have to admit that no great planning goes into them. The kids always seem to have great fun though. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  6. Lucy Melissa Smith

    I need to get out there more so Lily can have some playdates! I feel awful that neither of us (me or her) really have a lot of friends. On a separate note, we love messy play and I’ve wanted a tuff spot for ages, there’s one in my Amazon basket waiting to be ordered but I’ve got some of those little water balls coming soon as I think she’d love them!

  7. Sarah

    I’ve been holding off from organising a proper play date for G as I was hoping we’d have moved by now and have more room to do these activities.
    Play is so important though so we try to get out to sessions as much as we can xx

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